Out With The Girls

It was about 8:30 pm and Ginger had not come home from work. I was starting to think maybe she had car trouble and I would give her another half hour before calling her. About fifteen minutes later I received a call from Ginger. Ginger said that some of the girls from work were going out for a drink and that she would be home by 12:00.
I woke up with the telephone ringing,I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 am. I answered and Ginger meekly said, "sorry I lost track of time, I'll be home soon." I then asked Ginger, "what happened to you." Ginger reply was "well", I then asked, " did you get ******". Ginger confessed that she never met her friends at work and that a male coworker asked her out for a drink and that before she knew what was happening, they were at a local motel and her was ******* her. I asked , "did he **** you good" , to which Ginger replied, " oh yeah". I then said to Ginger, "**** him again and come home." Ginger said " I just did and I'll be right home ."
At 7:00 am, Ginger finally arrived home. When I asked what took so long, her reply was, " you did say to **** him again, now get into bed, its time for show and tell."
Bairam Bairam
46-50, M
5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Wow, so hot when your slutty wife doesn't come home and then calls you later to tell you it was because she was out being naughty like that! I bet you got a huge, delicious ********...mmmmm

Excellent, good for you and good for Ginger. I hope you enjoyed her sticky sweaty body.
What did she show you? a well ****** used and abused ***** all dripping with ***?

Well done. Any repeat performances?

Good for you, keep up the good work. We were all taught to share! LOL

Very hot