She Often Only Comes In Late

I actually look forward to the days that she comes home late - I prefer it!

When I realized the very first time that she was having an affair and she came

home late that nite, I saw a remarkable difference in her. She was soooo much more sexy

and had a spring in her walk. And I could see that she really enjoyed it, also that she would

not be able to sleep with me only anymore.

She did not know that I knew and tried to act normal, but when I whispered in her ear during the

nite that I knew, she simply said thank you.

Icubus Icubus
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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Looking back, my wife was the same - coming in late, drinking too much but seemingly happy. Took a while before the penny dropped and I gave her an ultimatum. Things were rocky for quite a while, though did get better. Recently, she did the same thing again though this was after a 5 hour "lunch" and she did admit the same guy was at the lunch. Need to delve into this further after a couple bottle of wine.

that's exactly what I lucky dog.


Wow, just wow.