She Come Home Late, With A Tasty Treat

I love waiting up for my wife to come home after a late night out with her boyfriend. He is her everything. She will do anything he asks because as she says, "I am in absolute love with his ****". It looks good it tastes good and I have to have it. I told her to go for it anytime she wants. She loves the idea that I still love her after her dates.

And I do. I love helping her dress for her dates and she really enjoys watching how horny it makes me. I even give her tips about how high her skirt should be and what I think will make him horny when he looks at her. I give her tips about how to dance with him to make him really, really horny and to the point where he just wants to leave the dance floor and **** her juicy *****.

She knows that I will jerk myself to almost exploding knowing that someone else is looking at her with lust and knowing that he is going to be able to have her all to himself later on.

When she gets home she is always ready to tell me everything. This is what she enjoys the most. Having fun with him and turning him on is the foreplay to the real thing which is getting home to me and watching me absolutely melt as she describes how bad she's been with him. How much she loved holding his **** for the first time tonight. How she could tell by his breathing that he was ready to shoot down her throat. She wouldn't let him because she wanted to have something for me when she got home.

At first I was hesitant to try tasting another man's *** so I asked her to leave her wet panties on and I would just press my face against them. Soon however, I was licking her wet panties and enjoying the taste. Then I would pull them aside and let my tongue play with the sticky wetness I found inside there. It also tasted good and she was pressing her ***** up against my face like she was begging me to lick her and make her ***.

After that I was hooked. No more pussyfooting around I went right for the action and she loved it. Now she can't wait to *** all over my face with another man's *** inside her. She will do anything I want but she begs me to please not stop letting her go out on dates. Are you kidding me.

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You are very luckey, your wife is a good woman and I know loves you. I had wife like that for 30 yrs. it was heaven.

That's great fun!!!

That's a great story. My wife does the same thing. In fact she'll be home in an hour so from her lovers house. Can't wait for it. Very turned on by this story.

Luky to have a wife like that and yummy cream pies

Yes, I am lucky and always look forward to her new experiences. Glad there are others out there who feel the same way. Thanks for commenting SissyTony.

wish that was me waiting on my wife to get home!

I helped my wife get ready too when she went out on Friday and Saturday nights. No date in particular just some guy most cases which I liked a lot. I would eat her when she got home as I didn't like her to use condoms. So good.

Good to see my story still turns people on after all this time. My wife still goes out and I still help her dress for the occasion. I would love to hear from more of you.

my friend is also my wife's lover and boyfriend and has a baby by him with another on the way, i love licking all his come from her vagina and when i taste it in her mouth after he has came in it, i love the taste of his come.

I too love helping my wife to dress, or not, before she meets my mate. I also love telling him what she likes and what to do to her. I'm in control of them both. I love it when she comes home and sucks me, telling me how naughty he was with her. Making her do things to her and making her show herself to truckers, carries and bar staff.

that's a GREAT story!! thanks for sharing. you're one lucky guy. she's one lucky girl

Hot Story! ! ! I can't wait to taste my first ******** from a stranger. Your story was very hot thanks

Some may find it a bit crazy, but I just love being with my sexy Hotwife after she met with a FB for a playdate. The delicious anxiety, wondering when she will return and what she is doing, only to be rewarded by her enthusiasm for me upon her return.

Thats awesome man! It's so hot knowing your wife is out with another man. I love it