Nights When She Is Late Getting Home

I know that my wife gets progressively more gregarious, flirty, horny, and slutty with every drink she consumes.  When my wife is intoxicated, she is almost a guaranteed conquest for any aggressive, forceful, male who wants to take her.   In her late twenties, and early thirties, Diane was extremely promiscuous, and went out frequently on weekends to parties, clubs, and bars, while I stayed home babysitting our daughter.  I spent many, many nights wondering what my naughty wife might be up to at that very minute.  As the time got later, my anticipation would increase.  Closing time at the bars and clubs in my area is 1 a.m., so most of the time, my wife would arrive home by 1:30 a.m..  On those occasions when 2:30 rolled around and my wife was still not home, my excitement really began to mount.  I knew that the later it got, the greater the odds were that my wife would be walking through the door with a great story, and some other guys mess between her legs. (These were the days before cell phones) By 3:30, or 4 am, my **** would be chaffed raw, from constantly stroking, as images of my wife moaning under some stranger played through my mind……  I’m looking forward to having those same thoughts again in 6 days when Diane is out in Reno on a business trip, those long nights when you can’t stop thinking, “I wonder what she’s doing right now?”….. Well, this time, maybe I can blog about my feelings and excitement during those sleepless hours, and give my poor **** a little rest! I’ve also been blogging about my preparations and anticipation of my wife’s upcoming extramarital adventure away from home. Check out my blog for more details!

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Looking forward to all the juicy details...