My Wife Getting Her Dom On.

Last night my wife and I were enjoying some great sex, I always tell her i love when she surprises me or especially shocks me with some incredibly hot, nasty, slutty talk or decides to be more adventurous. We have been married for 14yrs and it has been great but I want her to be the inner **** she knows she is. I can't wait until the day she finally decides that she needs multiple ***** to **** her and I can share her with others. A Few times while playing I told her I so want to watch her get ******, Anyhow, last night we where being quite normal. Kids down, watch a program and go to bed, actually I had a long day so I was sleeping she shifted in bed and i woke up, when I did i was looking at her stomach and then kissed it and made my way down to her inviting *****.

T (my wife) must have had some sexy thoughts and been very horny (like all wife's should be), I started licking her already wet *****, she was getting into it and seemed to be on a mission to receive pleasure as she pulled her legs back and pulled my head towards her. She told me to "Lick her ******* ***** well" who was I to deny her! I did until she came quite violently and kept my head pinned in her now soaking *****. This is when I noticed the lust in her eyes. Her mission was not over she needed to *** more. She normally is not this much in control or dominant any way; although I do encourage it. When she was done with me licking her juices up she flipped me over and started sucking my **** with vigor, and then she started on my balls and sucked them as hard as they have ever been sucked, borderline painful but I was not going to say stop unless it became unbearable. I was quite turned on but not as much as she was she climbed on my **** and started riding me slowly at first and then more and more intensely, I asked her to come up to my face as I needed to lick that hot *****. She then changed to a state that I have never seen. She said "NO you will **** me the way I tell you". I started trusting my hips up towards her as she was sitting on my ****. I started to stay something and immediately she covered my mouth and said "Shut the **** UP and **** me hard, I don't care what you have to say" She continue to ride my **** as hard as I have ever felt her. She got even nastier as she bucked hard, telling me to "**** that hole", "Give me that ****", "Pound my ****" and other sweet nothings like that. It was extremely hot as she never says **** even if she had a mouth full of it. After continuing to slam me as hard as she could she told me to "*** in her *****" and "give me that ******* ***" repeatedly. I was not permitted to say a word or she would cover my mouth! I then started ******* inside her as she continued to slam my ****. When I started ******* she reciprocated with an ****** of her own. When we were done i was sure she was going to crawl up and make me lick her dripping **** clean, but she did not. She went high up on one knee and showed my *** dripping out and then stuck 3 fingers inside her and fingered herself to another ****** and then got as much *** on her fingers and then licked it all off for me and then did it again. She collapsed and she fell on my chest and said I don't know what got into me, I had to fight the urge to slap you across the face as I didn't know what you would do. I told her he we can do that again it was crazy hot. We then cleaned up somewhat and fell asleep. I woke up this morning to get up to work and must have enjoyed it as I was ROCK hard but sore, my ****, balls and pelvis. I resisted the urge to wake her and do the same to her as I knew her ***** was very swollen. I went to work and thought about it and again became very aroused. Then I thought I have to share this and here I am. My hot milf wife is coming out of her sexy shell. I absolutely can't wait until she wants to shock and surprise me next.
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Reading that has made my **** hard

Your wife is an inspiration to us all. I hope you know your place now, fella. ;-D

Such a sultry ****!