Pressure from life, career and family totally strangled our sex life to near death. Sex only ever happened on a Saturday night or birthday, our idea of kinky sex was to make love on a Wednesday night. However as we have got older the pressures on us have significantly reduced, giving us time to rediscover ourselves, each other, and of course our sex life. With help we have managed to be more open with each other and to discuss our thoughts and feelings. This has opened a whole new sexual life for both of us; nothing is taboo with us, as long as it is within the law. We have experimented with so many different aspects of sex, some with have liked, others we haven’t. The likes we have continued which have then lead on to further explorations, and learnt from our dislikes.
Without the experimentation we would never be in the position we are now, and are so thankful and pleased that we have managed to take this new and interesting path.
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