Nude Exciting Walk

A while ago I went to the beach for the day with my girl friend. It was a beautiful day and we ended up on a beach that was an unofficial nudist beach where we placed our towels on the sand, took off all our clothes and laid there. After a while in the sun we decided to put on some sun protection cream. We laid there for a short period then went into the surf for a swim. On the short walk to the water we passed some dressed people walking along the beach but as there were many others here in the nude I felt far more comfortable without clothes. We noticed several people walking along this beach in the nude. This looked so nice that after a while in the ocean we got out and went walking along this beach. My girl friend was a bit concerned about leaving all our gear on the beach but I assured her it was ok and we continued walking along the beach. The feeling of doing this completely naked was very exciting, we passed several people dressed but never had any concerns. This walk became more exciting as my partner seemed to want to lead the way continuing without any consideration of being naked. We must of walked several kilometers from where we left all our gear on the beach and at this point everyone we saw or passed was dressed. I just felt so excited being completely naked with her, I wasn't about to tell her to stop. This experience of being completely naked without anything to cover up with made this so exciting. We finally got to a point where she decided to turn around and go back. This must of been about 3 kilometers along the beach naked, and then we sat down for a short while to rest and enjoy this. We certainly got a few looks but no comments only a few smiles. Then we got up and commenced the walk back.
brizk brizk
46-50, M
May 6, 2012