1966 Chevrolet Convertable

I have a 1966 Chevrolet Impala Convertable that I am about to restore. Anyone else into this or have any advice to share? I know this is an expensive hobby but I love old cars and like to stay connected with the past.
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I love old cars , I was at a big auction of old cheve cars that was new cars that a dealer never sold there was 500 cars and trucks from the 50 60 and 70 s the sale was this last weekend sept 27 and 28 in pirce Nebraska there was about 25000 people and it was on the history chanl as well they made 2.2 million on the sale most cars sold around the 40000 dollar range but it was great seeing all the old chevys any way. Jeanna

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I gather you are the other side of the pond to me, which is a shame as I restore classic cars here in the UK. I had several Cadillacs some years ago, and am looking to get another one in the reasonably near future. Good luck with your restoration, and if there is any advice I can give you from over 40 years experience in the motor trade, then let me know.

Reading this article brought back memories from 2011 when I was helping my uncle rebuild this similar '66 Impala. He had got this car from a used car dealer and was quite in shambles, literally. We had already got all the replacement parts ready and with the help of a local handyman, we were ready to do the restoration job. After taking many tips from the internet, we found this
http://www.automotix.net/autorepair/diy/1966-chevrolet-impala-repair.html link which has all the information you will need to work on the car, about repairs, restoration, dismantling and assembling and a lot more. This should help you also in your restoration. Good Luck!

go to the dollar store and stock up on sealable plastic bags, ring note book and a pen, as you take the carb apart and then work your way through the engine and interior, put the items in a bag, write what they are, pull the page from the book, seal it, and then put it in a cardboard box. So when you are ready to re assemble your car, you have all the right parts.
Has a 62 Impala rag top, 327, 4 barrell, with a stereo radio......big deal back then, a speaker between the rear seats. That aqua blue with a white rag top. drove like a dream.

forgot to add lots of wd40, use it generously, let it soak in for as long as possible, then lots of help from the man upstairs, and take your time, also tech gloves, you have no idea how bad the grease is to get out from under my nails......

I've had better luck using non stick cooking spray as WD40 as it seems to penitrate better and it don't evaporate and lubricates as you remove bolts , just spray it on the day befor and take apart the next day it works great .

Thanks for the tip mpenner, good idea to bag and tag all the small parts. The body and frame are solid and the interior is in pretty good shape, considering the top is shot. Motor is a 283 with 70000 miles, but very tired. I have a 400sb with 26000mi out of a 1972 Impala that I am thinking of installing. That is if I deside not to keep it original. I had a 1962 Impala just like yours when I was in college in 1968. Same aqua blue w/white top but it had a 283. Sure would like to have that one back.

yup loved my Chevy, if the engine was born with the car, and you want to try to keep it as oringinal as possible, either trade the engine out or at least keep it for the new owner, for when you want to sell it. I found that the baggies helped out greatly, nothing worse than rebuilding, and having a handful of parts left over.....good luck

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Love any old Chevys, is your Impala an SS? Also what engine is in it- 327 or 283, hope to hear from you.

Not and SS...I wish it was. Right now it has a 283 that is tired. Thinking of going a little larger.

I would love to help you rebuild your old Chevrolet, but unfortunately I live in England, however I would be only too pleased to offer any advice as I am a car restorer here in the UK, and have been repairing car body work for 40 years now.

Thank you roadtooblivion. I may take you up on that offer.