This Picture Is Not Animated!

Check this out! This is a totally static image-- but your brain thinks it's moving!

videodemon videodemon 26-30, M 8 Responses Sep 29, 2007

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ahh! the nuts! there alive!! hide your children! hide your wife! cus they're rapin everybody out here!

Aah! The beetles are gonna get me!

...oh, wait...

Ahh, I'm gonna get those beetles! :-P

At first I could see like the shape of a wave but no movement, then I read your comment about moving your eyes back and forth and I did see the ripple. That's cool. I have a couple that are a similar idea.

Very seems to move when I move my eyes... nice!!!

Anyone knows why this kind of effect occurs???

Looks like a Maxican Wave of walnuts.


Cool. =P

I see what you mean it's so hard to just focus on one place though. It did look like it was moving for a while though

well, if you keep staring at one place, it doesn't. if you move your eyes, it appears to ripple

Yes, like a flag....