I am bisexual and have been for some time now. Recently I convened my husband to allow me to bring a girl in the bedroom with us. She was cute and a squirter so it was loads of fun. This is how it usually went:

I began to kiss her softly as he watched from across the room. We sat on the bed nude. Her small but curvy body pressed against my extremely curvy body. Her hand cupped my d cupped breast and my hand caressed her thigh. My tongue twisted round the inside of her mouth and I could feel her sigh into mine as I slid my fingers across the silly smooth lips of her saved *****. She began to suck on my nipple gently nibbling every so often. I let out a moan and glanced over at my husband who was playing with himself. I curled a finger up and motioned for him to join us. While she switch over to taking care of him I lowered myself to my belly and slide myself between her thighs. I could smell her sweet skin. I pulled the lips apart with my fingers as began to lap at her moist ****. I watched her arch her back and I spun my tongue around in circles. Them I flicked it up and down quickly and plunged two fingers inside of her. She moaned around his **** as I shoved my face against her licking and sucking. Her juices flowed out around my fingers as I kept licking and pumping my fingers deeper inside of her.
She came and I licked up every drop. Then I rose and gripped a hand tightly around the base of my mans ****. I quickly spun my tongue around the tip and massaged the shaft for a moment. Then I opened my jaw and slid his entire **** into the back of my throat. I twisted my tongue around his **** as I slide it in and out of my mouth. Deeper and deeper I went until I almost choked. She had made her way between my thighs and began to please me. I moaned around his **** as I continued to suck him off. Eventually I found myself in my back with both of them sharing me. She then took her turn being shared and finally we both shared him.
We completed and took a break only to continues again. We have for this every weekend for about 6 months. It was amazing. Now that we have moved away from this girl I miss performing oral on a woman. I love tasting her. A love swallowing my husband whole but I also want to taste and touch a woman again. I want to feel silky long hair between my thighs. I want a woman to be with us again. I don't think I will ever just want one sex more than the other. I will always live both women and men.
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Dream night for sure. I would love to see my wife caressing another woman, kissing her hungrily on the lips and all over her body as her hands roamed freely seeking out the softness of the woman's flesh, and then seeing the woman returning the favor. There would be something incredibly hot about two women enjoying themselves together without the need for a man but then each realizing that they wanted to share the man with each other also!!

We like what we like. I think this is beautiful.


wow... turning on story... wish you're my wife's friend and I cater both beauties with my eight inches allegator..^_^

Is exactly what my Gf and I are looking for~ ...a 3way permanent relationship since she is Bi and wouldn't wanna limit herself to only one gender. I'd imagine it would be suffocating if anyone ever did that to a person =oS Hope you find a match or maybe she could move out your way even~? Hope for the best and loved the post^^