Two Heads Are Better...

I don't think either of us really liked her all that much, but we were both most definitely in love with her.
David and I had been best friends for years, yet somehow each of already thought of Diana as "my girlfriend" before we were even aware that the other of us was also dating her. By the time we each figured out that she was sleeping with the other, a lot of friction had built between David and I. We each tried to put our foot down in an "it's either him or me" way but she would have none of it.
One of us could have walked away at that point, but the sex with her was just too phenomenal to even considering giving up.
At that point, she would see one of us one night, and maybe the other the next night, or for all I knew, maybe somebody else entirely. Things were pretty bad (and pretty good) but then things got decidedly worse when she started seeing us both on the same night. One of us would drop her off and she'd immediately call the other of us to come over.
Tensions grew between David and I, and we finally had to try to force her to make up her mind between us.
We met for dinner at Diana's house, but dinner turned out to be a bottle of tequila. David and I each pled our case, and each offered to step down gracefully in favor of the other.
About halfway through the bottle of tequila, Diana raised her hand.
"Enough." she said.
"What you don't understand, is that I don't want one or the other of you. I want you both, one right after the other. If either of you walk away, I'm finished with both of you."
She then got up, looked at each of us for a few moments, then took David's hand and led him into the bedroom and closed the door.

I sat there in a daze, drinking my tequila as the sounds of them ******* in the next room filtered through the wall.
Diana makes a kind of barking sound when she ****, and it was starting to sound like a rescue shelter in there.
I got up to leave a dozen times, and a dozen times I sat back down. I guess I'm just a masochist about these things. I was at the door again when David came out holding his clothes.
"She wants you now." he said.

Things actually got better after that. We were now spending our time together as the three of us. If one of us was there, then the other one was too. The only time either of us would have alone with her was when she led one of us into the bedroom.

Though there was competition between David and I to be the "first" one into the bedroom, we each gradually became more comfortable with "sloppy seconds."
And, if truth be told, I started to prefer it.
True, the first one in got all the cuddling and kissing and foreplay, and some seriously excellent *******, but the second one in got the heat.
When David would come out from the bedroom and jerk his thumb at the open door, I would walk into the darkened room and take my clothes off while my eyes adjusted.
Diana would be lying naked on her back in the center of the bed, panting, her eyes closed, her hips writhing, her body covered in sweat, her legs wide open, her unbelievably pink ***** lips spread and oozing ***.
I would climb on top of her, and *** would squeeze out of her **** onto my balls and hand as I guided my **** effortlessly into her. God help me, I loved the feel of that oozing ***...
And then all hell would break loose as I experienced the nastiest hour of extreme ******* imaginable.
When we were finished, whoever had gone first would have prepared some cocktails and a snack for the survivors of part two, and the three of us would snuggle on the sofa, drained and satisfied.

Things went on like that for several months.
And then one night, when Diana led me to her bed, she left the door open. I didn't think anything of it - there really wasn't any reason to close the door - and I really wasn't all that surprised a little later when David slipped onto the bed beside us.

Diana and I were on our sides 69ing, and David spooned her from the back. He was trying to enter her from behind, and his **** appeared to be long enough to accomplish that from his position, but the angle was a bit off, and his **** kept appearing between her legs right where my face was! I took his **** in my hand and guided it into her.
It felt incredibly odd handling another man's ****, but once it was inside her I went back to sucking and licking her *****.
But the damned thing kept popping out of her **** and into my face, and between my lips, and even into my mouth before I could get my hand on it and guide it back inside her.
Each time his **** popped out of her, it took a little longer to get my hand on it, it spent a little longer rubbing my face and lips, it went a little deeper into my mouth, and I held it thrusting in my hand just a little longer before sliding it back inside her.
She was so wet at this point that it was impossible to keep his **** in her for even a moment without holding it there with my hand. I had no idea how long I had been holding the base of his ****, cupping his balls. Too long to let go now without drawing attention to it. And I didn't care, I didn't want to let go of his ****.
Diana was bucking hard now, and gyrating her hips so much that  when David was inside her, my mouth and tongue were on his **** as much as they were her *****, and his wild thrusts were now pushing his **** into my mouth as often as into her ****. Down at the other end of the bed, the sucking on my **** had grown much more, decisive? Much deeper, and more intense than ever before.
I didn't care where the hell David's **** was going anymore, and Diana started to let out that panting, barking noise as she began to ***.
Hey wait a minute... if she's making those noises with her mouth...
Who's sucking my ****?
And I realized that that I was sucking his **** for all I was worth as David's *** spurted into my mouth...
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Jan 17, 2013