Addicted To Giving

Ever from a young age, I have been so enamoured by the feel and taste of a woman.

I cannot describe how much of a turn on it is when you are kissing the soft skin of a womans inner thighs. Then you glide your tongue between her ***** lips and taste her. It is just beyond description in how supremely erotic and magical it is. All your sense are aroused from the sweetest taste, the most majestic sight, the intoxicating scent, and the groans of delight. Then you seek out her Clitoris with the tip of your tongue.....And you hear her groan....It turns you on so much that you feel you **** throb like you are about to ***.

If anyone wants me to continue- just ask
juicyboy21 juicyboy21 22-25, M 7 Responses Oct 23, 2011

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Why don't you continue on me :) lol this is so erotic nice .

more,cried the wolf> more

more,cried the wolf> more

more,cried the wolf> more

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you could do ****!

best fun of all


wow you really know how some women are lol

thank you for your kind words

lol your welcome

add me as a friend if you wish

I have to agree on this

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