How To Give A Great Blow Job

right words are often more powerful than the best blow job techniques. A man’s ****** happens in his mind; saying what he doesn’t even know he desires to hear can trigger an instant ******.

Most women are quiet and make an “I’m-working-on-an-important-assignment” face, without saying a single word.

Why so serious? Relax… have fun with it. Nobody expects you to talk while having a penis in your mouth, stop for a second, take a breath… smile… give him a compliment, tell him you’re enjoying yourself, ask him for feedback, or tell him what you want him to do.

The “rule” for ******* dirty talk is: whatever you say, say it with complete belief.
If you are afraid that what you say will sound too fake or awkward: it will.

Believe in what you say and say it fearlessly, and anything you say will sound great. There’s nothing clean about a *******, so don’t try to be classy about it once you are already on your knees.

Never forget that how you say it is more important than what you say. You don’t need “dirty talking lines,” you need playfulness and the confidence to let go of your fear of being looked down upon for talking dirty. He wants you to be slutty, so give yourself permission to cross the line.

Also, know that saying anything is usually better than saying nothing at all. You don’t want him to feel as if you are in your head, thinking, worrying, and giving him the “this-is-rocket-science” serious face. So speak up!

2. Moan

If you’re not sure what line to throw at him, then at least moan. Then moan some more, and some more.

Moaning creates pleasurable vibrations that make your blow job better in more than one way. Moaning is perfect as a substitute for talking dirty, if you’re still shy about it.

Moaning a lot communicates an important message: I’m… mmm… enjoying myself. And that… is the core of a great blow job.

Don’t expect him to enjoy receiving it if you don’t enjoy giving it.

3. It may be called a blow job but it’s not a job, if you think it is – that’s why you suck at it

Viewing a blow job as a JOB is the main reason why most women are horrible at ********. Don’t be one of those nasty women.

View blow jobs as a source of ultimate-pleasure for yourself, and that’s exactly what it will become for you.

Of course, you need to find the right guy for this, naturally, for some men it’s simply not worth your “effort,” but for a guy you truly love, it’s only natural that you enjoy pleasuring him in any way he desires.

Find a guy like that. (Then keep him by giving great blow jobs!) You deserve it. Or maybe not, yet. As long as you view ******** as a “job” you’ll have a hard time finding Mr. Right, okay – you may find him, but keeping him? That’s a whole other field.

Stop viewing blow jobs with a “what’s in it for me?” way of thinking. Or as a “gift” you are giving him.

Women that give miraculous ******** are so good at them because they not only love it, but they also view it as a source of pleasure for them.

They are thankful for the opportunity to get pleasure from it.

4. Make Eye Contact

Don’t be shy. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Let him see the passion in your eyes. Your eyes can almost smile up at him.

Let him see pure joy in your eyes.

Don’t worry about how you look from up there. By looking up at him you communicate; you see his reactions to your ‘moves’ and you can adjust your performance.

5. Choose a Good Position

When giving a ******* you have total power over him. Either he gets complete pleasure or complete pain in case you bite off his manhood.

So even tough you have power, still, a ******* is a submissive act where you submit to your man’s power. In a way it is your attempt to tame him, a moment where you have his full attention.

Your submission to him is something you should exaggerate because that’s part of the turn on behind a blow job.

Because men are visual… be in a position where he has a nice view of you, and a position where he appears more dominant.

Choose a position in which you are more submissive, down, on your knees, for example, looking up at him from below. When thinking about good position look for good comfort and a good view, in the sense that you are comfortable so that you don’t lose focus and so that he has the feeling of power over you because of your complete submission to him.

6. Change Your Attitude: “enjoying it” is not enough

Attitude is everything. The right attitude means that you give a blow job for your own pleasure, not his, and that you don’t just “enjoy doing it,” as some magazines will tell you, but that you can not live without having his penis in your mouth.

Or, as Hank Moody put it in Californication, when talking about his girlfriend ”It was as if she were dying of thirst and my **** were the fountain of everlasting youth.” Have an attitude like that and you will never have to worry about your blow job technique again.

7. Take it Slow

Hurrying during a blow job and racing to the finish line won’t make that blow job great.

On the contrary, it will only give an impression that you just want to get it over with and continue with your no-******** policy life. Never make an impression like that because it kills all your previous effort.

Take things slow. Focus on the journey. Enjoy every second of it and forget about the destination.

There IS NO DESTINATION. You don’t want to get anywhere.

There is a practical time and place to speed up a blow job and it’s not now.

Don’t worry about weather too much time has passed since you started. Don’t put time-constraints on your ********. Let it last as long as it lasts.

You are not in a rush. If you get tired too fast that’s because you aren’t using all of your assets. ( Tip #25 )

8. Don’t Think

Logic kills emotions.

The two cannot work together, and, in a blow job, there simply is no space for logic.

Emotions, feelings, passion… those should be your guidelines for a great blow job.

Any logical thinking can only “kill” the pleasure and take away your focus.

When you think you are not present, and when you are not present – you are not in the moment – enjoying it – but rather worried about something. “Why didn’t he *** yet?” “Am I doing it right?”

You make eye contact, so he will see that your mind is racing away, and once he sees that you are in your mind, worried about something – it’s over. You’ve killed it. Now he’s thinking about what you are thinking, and he can’t relax and enjoy the pleasure you are giving him.

Don’t think. Turn off any logical thinking during a blow job and you’ll instantly see positive effects.

9. Love It

Love his c@#k. Love it beyond normal love. Love it more than your best friends, family, your dog, air, water. Love it more than your favorite food after months of starvation.

You need to be hungry. Literally starve for it, need it, like a drug addict needs his or her drug, that’s the way you must need and desire his penis. Without love for his “little friend” or “big fella” you will never give the kind of ******* every man dreams of.

10. Ball Play

So many women forget about this. Dare to be different.

There is more to his penis than… his penis. All around that area is sensitive and you have to use all of it to create a “full-package” blow job.

There’s so much you can do with his testicles. Tickle, kiss, gently suck, massage, the list goes on. Just make sure you are gentle and considerate because one wrong move can lead to supreme pain.

11. Use Your Hands

If you think that your mouth is the only “tool” you can use for a great blow job then you are very, very wrong. Imagine you are going to war with a knife while you have a full arsenal of weapons like bazookas, AK-47s and grenades in your trunk. What a waste.

Your hands are the basis of a great blow job. Use oil, lots of it actually, for foreplay purposes. Learn to give hand jobs by taking your time to practice on him.

Give him a hand job and take your time, let him teach you how to satisfy him, where to have a tighter grip and how.

You can only learn this by practicing, and again, not being in a hurry. Be playful with it. Have fun and take your time. Every man will appreciate your efforts of improving yourself and the best you can do is to be open about it.

12. Believe in Yourself

Look, nobody expects you to be super-confident about something you are not yet good at.
People are confident about something they are good at, and the only way you can get good is by practicing. The better you get the more confidant you will become and the better your blow jobs will be… until then: fake it.

You know, fake it till you make it.

The worst thing you can do is to be indecisive about your moves, because indecisiveness brings you back into your HEAD. And we don’t want that (Tip #8 Don’t’ Think).

So… until you naturally get confident about your ******** by practicing, simply fake your confidence.

Convince yourself that what you are doing is the right thing and even though you may be wrong, still, you’ll be sure of your moves and that by itself is a good thing.

13. Don’t Bite

This is a tip you already know, obviously, nobody wants his penis chopped off by some razor sharp teeth.

But don’t think that teeth can ONLY produce pain, actually, biting his penis can be erotic, but also a bit scary. So, it can also excite him, if you do it playfully.

Just don’t try this if you’re a beginner.

14. Watch ****

There is a reason **** is a multi-billion dollar industry.

They know what sells. And there’s a reason why it sells, because that’s what the “market” of men are looking for. That’s what makes them hard.

So start watching **** and see how and what the pros are doing.

Copy what you like.

15. Smile

Again, it’s not about techniques, but about what you communicate to your guy during a blow job.

Of course, you can’t smile while having him in your mouth, but what you can do is stop for a second, take a breath, say something kinky, then smile… the point is that you communicate a simple message “I like what I’m doing” … you are there because you want to be there, not because you’re just doing him a favor and “he should be thankful he got any.”

A negative, bitchy attitude like that won’t get you far. Communicate the right message and the ****** will start in his mind, not his penis.

16. Practice

I’ve read somewhere that you need about 10 000 hours of doing something to master it, any skill.

I doubt that you need 10 000 hours of blow jobs to become great at them.

With the right information, you can progress quickly. Unlearning what you are doing wrong is a longer process than learning from scratch.

What’s important is that you understand that nobody expects you to born with awesome blow jobs skills.

It’s natural to be a beginner at anything and it takes time, practice and dedication to get good at it.

Find a guy that you truly like so you don’t need other motivation other than pleasing him to the max.

Don’t be afraid of failure or doing things wrong, every sane guy will appreciate your efforts of improving and “practicing on him” ;)

17. Look Better

Men are visual. The better you look the more attractive you are to him and this simply adds to the physical and psychological pleasure you are giving him.

Don’t just look better in the sense that you should work out regularly and stop eating junk food, that goes without saying, what’s important is that you sex up your style.

Find out his fetish. Nice bras, corsets, fishnets, G-strings, whatever makes you feel sexier.

You can’t be sexy for him if you don’t feel sexy about yourself.

18. Tease to Please

Tease, but don’t overtease.

Be playful. Take your time and give him longer and slower licks and kisses.

Don’t jump into action right away, it’s should be a fun game, not a race to get a “job” done.

Add playfulness to your ******** and cut out the dull, scientific-like seriousness by teasing him, giggling, taking your time and helping him mentally relax and get into the mood. Put some temptation into the game before you jump into the real stuff.

19. Play Games

Have fun and play some games, bring some props, pour chocolate sauce all over him, lick it off of him. Keep it fresh.

Don’t forget that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing after some time simply because it’s not scarce anymore.

This doesn’t imply that you should give him a blow job once a year. Hell no. But also not every hour. Find a balance and stay playful and creative about your ********.

Know when it’s not the right moment for a ******* and when it is.

20. Surprise!

There’s no point in having everything planned out, there’s nothing exciting happening then that you didn’t expect.

Surprise him from time to time with an “out of a sudden” blow job when he least expects it. It shows you care. Never wait for him to ask for a blow job, that’s just lame. Take initiative. This alone will already set you apart from other women.

21. Learn How to Deep Throat

Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time said “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.” Amen to that.

If there’s one sex skill you should invest in, then that’s learning how to deep-throat.

Set yourself apart from other women luring over your guy by being unique in this rare skill. One in 10 women give great blow jobs, and that one can usually deep-throat with ease.

Knowing how to deep throat shows your dedication to learn something completely and go through a doze of, let’s say pain, but more precisely discomfort, to learn something priceless and get to a stage where it’s not uncomfortable at all anymore.

With enough willpower you can master anything, even deep throating and killing your gag reflex. Once you can do that, your guy will never, ever desire another woman’s mouth in his life.

When it comes to deep throating: you have to believe in yourself. You can do whatever you believe you can or can’t.

Simply stop being a quitter and giving up every time you try to take him in deeper. Focus on relaxing your gag reflex and pushing through it. Believe you are great at giving blow jobs and you will be with more time and practice, but start by believing in yourself and adding a dose of confidence to everything you do. Every suck, kiss, lick and look needs to be more secure.

22. Make Him Shave

Stopping every minute to take hair off your tongue or from between your teeth is horribly annoying not just to him but of course to you as well. It kills your momentum.

Make him shave both his bush and his balls so that it’s a more welcoming place for you.

It’s a simple trade-off. He shaves, and thus you enjoy giving him blow jobs more and you’ll give them more often. It’s a win-win.

23. Don’t Make Strange Faces

You don’t see your facial expressions when giving your guy head so you’re not aware of the strange faces you may be making and what these faces may communicate to him.

It doesn’t matter if you say you enjoy it when your face tells him the truth.

Let him see true desire on your face. Love all about him and his penis completely.

Just avoid making the “I’m working on an important project” face or the “am I doing this right?” face, or the “why didn’t he came yet?” face.

These ruin a blow job, no wonder he can’t ******.

24. Observe and Adjust

Women that give great ******** all have a simple thing in common: they are great observers.

They use their intuition and they study their guy’s movements, reactions, sighs, moans, words, they look up at him from down below seductively and follow his reactions to her every move, then she knows weather she should speed up or slow down. When, where, how.

Force your guy to be more vocal about his true desires and force him tell you what he likes most. Ask him what he likes and he’ll open up, just make sure he knows that you won’t give him a bad reaction if he’s brutally honest with you. If he likes giving you a facial then that’s what he should get.

25. Use Your Assets

Nice breasts? Show them. Put on a sexy bra, or take it off, have a nice long necklace that shines around while you’re doing your ******* magic.
Tilt your back so he can see your thongs and butt nicely.

You need to use your assets to your advantage. Whatever it is, use it.

There must be something about you that he enjoys most otherwise he couldn’t get an erection.

26. Blindfold Him

Men may be visual, but imagination is king.

Blindfold him so he doesn’t see you. This is good if you are too self-conscious during a *******, you’ll be able to relax a bit and focus on pleasing him (yourself) without worrying how you look.

The good thing is that he’ll rely on his other senses, not just his eyes and this can often lead to something even more powerful because he can’t see it in case you pause, move your hair or take hair off your tongue, or make strange faces sometime.

27. Blindfold Yourself

Even though eye contact with your guy is important during a *******, still, what’s important is that you depend on fewer senses.

Blindfold yourself and see how different your technique will become.

You’ll improve a lot.

Give yourself up to him, let him abuse you gently, or maybe even more roughly if you can deep-throat.

Men like to feel dominant in bed, and the more you can submit to his power the more you’ll boost his ego and feeling of ownership. Let go and surrender to him.

When blindfolded you’ll have nothing to see, so you’ll have to rely on touch, smell, taste, the sounds of his moans instead of looking up at him and analyzing his facial expressions.

28. Let him “use” you

As said in tip #27, let go and surrender yourself to him.

When giving him a blow job you have the power to give him ultimate pain or pleasure, so you are in charge but at some point you can “surrender” your mouth to him and let him do whatever he wishes.

You may be afraid of “choking to death,” but you can always hold on to his legs and control his movements to be gentler and less forceful.

Try and see for yourself how much this will turn him on.
The reason you should do this and let go is simply because you must be different from most women.

You don’t have to be the BEST in the world at giving blow jobs, you just need to be better than all the other women your guy had sex with in the past.

We compare you to past experiences and set benchmarks for the quality we expect in our sex lives. Don’t meet his expectations, surpass them. Astonish him.

Don’t just meet your competition – crush it with mind-blowing ******* skills.

29. Say Please

The thing most women lack in order to give great blow jobs is the right attitude.

You view it as a job, or as something you give him and he should be thankful for.

That’s a HORRIBLE way to view ******** and it just makes your ******** mediocre, if even that.

Instead, view blow jobs as a gift, a blessing you are getting from him.

He’s giving you this incredible opportunity, an opportunity you are thankful.

Ask him for permission to give him a blow job and see how this will make his MIND melt before he even reaches ******. Just say: “Please.”

30. Stay Foolish

Don’t view ******** as rocket science or something.

It’s a skill any woman can learn if she wants to, but you don’t have to view the learning process and ******** as something serious.

Keep having fun. Take your time. Don’t worry about making it “perfect.” The perfect ******* will happen when everything falls into place, and often it simply is not your fault when things go wrong.

You can’t influence everything around you. Control what you can (your attitude) and the rest will fall into it’s place.

Don’t worry about being perfect; just think of it as having fun and that should be your only goal. Play games, act more innocent than you are but be naughty and dirty at the same time. Let go of your nonsense fears of being looked down upon.

The only thing you should fear when giving your guy a ******* is fear itself.

31. The Frenulum

You’ve heard this a million times, but it’s advice worth repeating. It is the string of skin connecting the head of his penis with the outside skin. It is super-sensitive and giving quick-licks to it can be very stimulating. Use it to your advantage.

32. Slap and Giggle

Put on a show.

Slap your tongue with his penis as you’re saying “aaah,” then giggle and smile.

It’s part of taking your time and being playful about it. Grow familiar with his “buddy” and accept it completely.

Look at it with a hint of fascination in your eyes that will only boost his ego even further.

Anyone can learn the techniques and that will get you somewhere, but a great blow job isn’t just about conquering physical but psychological pleasure, that’s the harder part.

33. Make it Wet

Saliva needs to be dripping all over the place.

The more excited you are about giving him a blow job the more excited he will be about receiving it.

When you are drooling all over his penis and just the sight of him is making your mouth water and you feel a need to take him in deep, that’s the kind of attitude that will drive any man wild.

Your totally wet mouth communicates an important message to him: I’m super-excited.

And there’s nothing more exciting than knowing that you love it, that you’re turned on and that there is NO OTHER PLACE in the world you would like to be now more than on your knees, enjoying yourself.

Spit on his penis, gather more saliva, drool over it, don’t worry about the “weird” sounds you might be making.

Stop being so self-conscious and get out of your mind. Stop thinking and be in the moment, in the zone, enjoying it completely.

34. Turn Yourself On

Rub yourself while sucking on his penis. Turn yourself on. Some women are so in love with giving blow jobs that they can even achieve an ****** from it. That’s the level you should get to, and even if you don’t, act as if – fake it till you make it and just see how mind-blowing his ******* will be.

The best time to give your guy a blow job is when you are turned on naturally and want to have sex, instead of jumping directly to sex, use blow jobs as foreplay, and maybe even after play just for the fun of it.

35. Be Naughty, but innocent

Men love “*****.” And that’s exactly what you should be when giving him head.

On the other hand, men don’t want to be in a relationship with a woman that society labels as a “****.”

So stick to the old philosophy: A lady on the streets and a ho between the sheets.

Be naughty, kinky and playful, but also act innocent at the same time, as if you didn’t know what you are doing.

It’s playful and attractive simply because nobody wants to think about how you got “all that experience.” Act as if this is something you don’t “usually do” and you don’t do it with all men, but that he is special for you and turns you on in ways other men never did and that’s why you are just now discovering your love of blowing him.

36. Don’t Expect Anything

This is probably the most important blow job tip you’ll get: Stop expecting him to ******.

He does… not… have… to ******. Period.

Simply, that should not be your goal, if it is, then you’re not relaxed, you’re under pressure and you are waiting for him to “finish.”

This only puts pressure on him and makes him feel as if he is torturing you or making you do something you don’t really want to do. Be in the moment and enjoy it, forget about the results. They’ll come, and if they don’t – don’t take it personally.
Not every day is a day for mind-blowing *******. This tip is the most important lesson you should learn: do not have a goal or expectation in mind, other than having fun.

37. Change Location

Same place, same time, same style – even if you give great blow jobs, at some point too much of a good thing can become a bad, boring thing.

Freshen up your ******** by changing things up, from your style, to the location and mood in which you give him supreme pleasure.

Leave the bedroom, go out in the wild… sometimes even just the change in room will do. Get kinky and adventurous with your ********.

38. Show Your Tongue

Your tongue is your weapon of mass explosion. Make it sharp, fast and passionate. Let him see it, say “Aaaaah” as you open your mouth wide for him to see what he can expect.

39. Build It Up

Remember that you are not in a hurry, there’s no such thing as “how long should a blow job last?” It lasts and doesn’t have to arrive anywhere, that’s the surest way it can arrive somewhere.

Either way, when he gets closer to ******, you’ll feel his balls stiffening, his pulse speeding up and he’ll start making the “oh, my, god” face that you’re already familiar with… right then… slow it down instead of speeding it up.

Be playful again, take it slow, massage his penis slower and make a naughty look. You control his ******.

Build up his ****** so he doesn’t *** immediately but “stacks” it up. Then when it finally comes, when You let him ***, it comes big time. Like a volcanic eruption.

40. Music

A big part of giving great ******** is creating a sexy, relaxed atmosphere where you can both forget about the world around you. It’s just him, you and the incredible passion connecting you. Play some sexy music that will put him in the mood. Jazz, lounge, or whatever the mood you create calls for.

41. Candle Light

Everybody looks better under candlelight. Forget about ******** in the dark. If you are too shy and keep turning the lights off you are really “in the dark” so to speak.

Remember, you must believe in yourself, enjoy yourself and be happy with who you are.

Be comfortable in your own skin by loving yourself, and improving yourself, not with make-up but with a healthy lifestyle, and, more importantly, a healthy mindset towards your own beauty.

Candles can smell nice and make the atmosphere for your perfect blow job sexier and more romantic. So go get that lighter.

42. Turn Your Phone OFF

There’s nothing worse than getting a call or text messages while giving your guy a blow job.

Sure, it may be attractive to him if he’s working, playing video games, cooking or talking on the phone while you are giving him a mind blowing blow job, that makes him feel more powerful and it can be really cool, but it’s not a regular thing.

In general, he also wants to relax and enjoy the pleasure you’re giving him, so turn your bloody phone off, and his, so you don’t get distracted all the time.

43. Take Initiative

He should never have to “ask” or “beg” for a blow job like an idiot. That alone is already too degrading and makes the whole thing pointless.

You should take initiative by knowing when is a good time for a blow job (most of the time), initiate it yourself to help him relax; you’ll see a big difference in your relationship’s quality once ******** happen more often because you wanted to please him and not because he had to ask for it.

44. Move Your Hair

Tie your hair into a bun, or somehow else so that your hair doesn’t always jump into the “action” and distracts you by having to move your hair away every minute. It’s annoying and kills the mood by killing your momentum.

45. Don’t Use Hands

Practice giving your guy blow jobs by not using your hands what so ever, just your mouth.

This will force you to improve your technique and suction to the max.
Once you can get your guy to ****** from a blow job by using your mouth alone – imagine the kind of blow jobs and pleasure you’ll be able to give him once you start using your hands again. It will feel like a miracle.

He won’t know that getting such pleasure from a blow job is even possible. You need to do this combined with Tip #28 (Let him “use” you). When using just your mouth, he can then play around with your mouth, that’s why you must learn how to deep-throat.

46. Let Him Do It

When you are arriving to the “finale” it might just be that you can’t manage to get him to “arrive,” then you feel like a failure and give up. Don’t give up!

Giving up is for quitters and as soon as you start feeling bad about yourself and asking yourself “why didn’t he come yet?” – he’ll immediately see this on your face and HE will start worrying about it and then it’s over.

There’s no way he’ll ****** after that thought crosses his mind.

So make sure that you are OKAY with it if he finishes off himself toward the end and you keep touching yourself, massaging your breasts, showing him your open mouth and waiting for your “dessert.” (This is the best time to talk dirty). Again, don’t forget that he does not have to ******, if he doesn’t – don’t make a big deal out of it otherwise he’ll have a hard time to ****** in the future as well. Then it’s just a vicious circle.

If he believes that he can not ****** from a blow job (and many men have this false belief because they haven’t met a woman that gives great blow jobs), then he’ll convince himself he can’t and this will become his reality. His mind blocks his penis.

47. Get Thongs, and High Heels

A great blow job is all about the show, the performance you make for him.

That’s why you have to look as sexy as possible. Get high heels, thongs, and knee pads ;)

You need to be dressed in a way that you FEEL sexy about yourself, that’s when you’ll be sexy for him as well, you’ll have this attractive energy about you that simply radiates your feminine sexuality.

Invest in a gym membership and a sexy pair of thongs, high heels and other accessories just for his viewing pleasures and you’ll see his jaw drop sooner than later in disbelief when he achieves the most powerful ******* of his life, one after the other.

48. Don’t Spit

As I said before, you need to be different (better) than other women when it comes to sex and ********. Set yourself apart.

Nobody says that you need to be the best in the world, just better than any other woman your man will ever come in contact with or did in the past.

Many women are disgusted by getting *** anywhere near their face or mouth, but then again, are they in happy relationships? I doubt it.

Their man is also watching **** and wondering how come he can’t get any of that kind of action?

If you want to give the best blow jobs to your guy then you have to do what most other women don’t want to do.

Spitting is basically rejecting him, and it’s hard to make a guy believe that you truly enjoy giving him ******** if you don’t enjoy the product of your “labor.”

Spitting is as if you are spitting him out, making a strange, grossed out look on your face, if you even let him finish in your mouth. Embrace and love every part of him. Attitude is everything!

49. Swallow (in Style)

Don’t spit, instead, swallow.

And do it with style, with total passion, devotion and love for your guy.

Swallowing sets you apart. Yes, you can make his ***** taste better by making him watch his diet, and he will if he knows what “benefits” that brings him in the bedroom.

Keep in mind that, whatever you don’t do in bed, some other woman will be happy to do for YOUR guy, with total passion.

Later, don’t wonder why he cheated.

Don’t blame him for his desires, or me for being honest with you. Blame **** for our high expectations of women.

50. Keep Learning More
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wow who get's on the receiving end of your mouth is a lucky guy! great tips!


I already do about 90% of this. I haven't blindfolded either of us, he's not into biting at all, and i haven't yet mastered deepthroating. And i don't normally play with myself while doing it, although i have.

Every girl should memorize this list!

I couldn't agree more on this than I already do. I hope to find more and more women like you and that more women will think like this. :) There's no end of our appreciation for a blow job that woman crave for because we'll always be happy to sit back and relax or take control. It's always better to have something be a passion instead of an obligation. Especially blow jobs. Thank you for posting this story!<3

Not all fingers same thing ... there is flaming sucking and not as not all men love to lick

This is the Bible of an MINDBLOWING *******! Or ... it's a best-seller! So sincere and so genuine! If you'll hit 50% of these and it's a ******* to remember ... !

Thank you. I will try your suggestions as I feel I am not good at oral pleasure. It also seems that my jaw will not become sore so quickly.

Absolutely amazing and so accurate. Have had many bjs but very few (2) that got me off. The biggest problem is that many view it as a job or to return the favor.


brilliant - amazing

thank you

Yes you a rock worlds

l should learn a lot from you,l think......

hehe I laughed at "working hard for an exam" face lol

it is fun

i loveee all your ways about a blow job & i agree with you on them 100% & thats just how i feel when it **** to eating me some sweet wet ***** :) we should met sonetime & talk :)

Wow ! well written editorial on how to please a man orally ! you are an equally sexy and hot as you are smart and perceptive dana! any man would be lucky to be given a blow job by you ! awesome service you provivded ! hugs

This is by far the best advice about ******** I have ever read. You must be a frickin pro!

Required reading list, for sure.

thank you

great advise!

Something EVERY woman should read.

Nice I would love to have your lips wrapped around my **** anytime.

49/50...Moaning always seemed over the top to me...not that I would stop you if you were moaning over me....

And what will you do?

Eat you out, among other things....

This implies as interesting

OMG! You should teach! thanks

yes i do

Far and away the most interesting, thorough, and informative piece I've ever read about giving a *******... I kept expecting it to end after number 9 or so, but i just kept going... 50 tips for a great *******?! This should be required reading for every woman (though ironically, mostly needed by the prude set who've probably never heard of EP, let alone be caught dead reading something like this).

Personally I think the most important ones are #14 Watch ****, #21 Learn how to deep throat, and #28 Let him use you. Master those three, and a lot of the other ones will fall into place.

I should write a companion tutorial about 50 tips for eating *****...

and the same back at you while i spread, like and suck your p****...

like your attitude and honesty....


sexxy lady - yes practice enhances success ....:)) hope you will add me as I would like to see much more of you ...:))

this is amazing. And I only read the first through, it was so powerful
enthusiasm trumps skill. and doing your "wifely duty" is no fun for either.
suck his **** because you want to, need to suck his ****
I can't wait to read this when I've uuuuh calmed down!

Good ******* delightful woman comes voluntarily and not mandatory. As love came voluntarily.

I really like your attitude. You remind me of a former GF who believed that the woman who gets the most *** in her lifetime wins. She worked hard to get more.

I didn't see it mentioned but it needs to be said. The under side of a penis where the fluid channel runs down the length is the side that needs to be stroked, tongued, rubbed. For many men the sides and top can be rubbed all day and that's just not getting it. So position is pretty much everytying. Position yourself by his knees so your tongue rubs the underside of his organ. Side, top, 69, all are nice, but none of those other positions realy do the job. When you "go down" on a man you need to go down and approach him from below. Works ever time. thanks so much.

******* while I find the specific points of the man then I feel where to focus on him.

Nice tips if you want to see a woman that can do it right check out you tube Heather Brooke I am sure you would agree.

A great guide. I find that when my lover *******, I not long after. She will do this with a vibrator in her *****. On her second or third ******, we *** together and she is a great swallower. Maybe one thing to add to your guide.

Oh my god!! Dear Dana,you must be a expert of sexology!!You're so good at Blow Job!Though I'm a man I never thought there are so many techniques in a Blow Job !!The man who has you is so damn lucky.I guess,once you did a blow job to him,he will never leave you.....And I'm so sure that you must do it very well in the whole sex things or even better than your blow job skills since I acknowledge the amazing power you got in the blow job.It must be amazing to have sex with you.I just can't help to wonder that where you learned all the skills ? DId you just learned all of these from your own experience?You amazing sexy lady.

Thank you for all the compliments I get from you .. I'm just concentrating on the things I love

Thank you for the compliments you give me .. I know the man's sensitive points should get what she needs ... Name clicking the source of happiness in the universe man's or woman.

You're talented.It's a pity that not live in your country.There must be many amazing women there.

I'm going to print this out and study it. I already do several of them, but now I can see that there is so much more that I can do to make it better for my man and me.

Thanks for taking the time to put this together! :)

I do like all your contributions !
I like your fantasies
Thanks for all

thank you too i m glad you have like.

A truly extensive and factual treatise on the art of ********. You my Dear are the Einstein of ********. If most women can remember all theses pointers I think we will have a much more content male population.

Thank you on behalf of mankind for your research and the effort that went into this fine piece of research.

Bet it was fun too.

Thank you very much for the wonderful response hf

All of these points? All of manhood would be eternally greatful if women applied a few of these points! Excellent guide!