Rocking ******

I love to watch myself in the mirror while I get myself off. Plus my bedroom window overlooks a beautiful body of water, and I position myself so I can look outside (it gives me the feeling of being outside). I start by slowly stripping in the mirror. While watching myself I feel like I'm a different person. I lube my nipples with slick lubricant. My **** are so sensitive that I get really hot fast. I rub my **** with one hand and my nipples with the other. I might finish off with my trusty vibrator but usually I have a rocking ****** without it. Happy self-pleasuring!!
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Yes this is a most enjoyable way to spend the day.... I edge tow to three times a day....

You sound delicious.
you should try sitting across from the opposite sex naked and watch each other **********.

Delightful x

oh sexy

So sexy

You are the women who have the right nodes to play with

Hi sweety how are you?I truelly loved your story,please add me as a firend,thanks

Nice !!!
I ******* just about every day. But I prefer to do it to a girl and have her get me off. The ****** is more intense and I *** more that way ;)

yes, edge play is fantastic, love doing this to women, bring them close stop, wait and repeat. Even better is spreading it out for a day or more

Can I watch?

Wow! I like that.

Great story

I would love to watch that.


Great wife does exactly the same thing and I loove watching her

I would love to do that with a partner.. bring her to the edge and back and over and over again until she begs me for release. Add me and let's chat.

You sound like a very sexy lady.

Think you need spanked

let me give you my multiple *******, kissing, rubbing, sucking and tongue teasing both nipples at the same time, with a few fingers playing in your *** and when you have had enough you climb on me to ride

I love it too, that is what I am doing now. I love sensitive nipples on a women.

Mmm,,,love it pls add me

yummmm, you are so perfect for the multiple nipple org-asms i love to give in 4play

you should add some pics to this story


I'm picturing you:):* mmmm

glad to see your in touch with yourself (pun intended) lol

Mmmmm,,,,nice add me

You are hot. You must have a fantastic body. Please add me


Sounds satisfing

wow, nice!

Wowwwwwww. you are very sexy. I love the way you to be added to your friends? new here

Glad you got to have a good time. Please add me and I'll be checking for more. :)

Nothing wrong with having a good time. We all feel better when we are happy.

Sounds real sexy. Enjoy...


Sounds amazing xx mark xx

Nice word picture painted, would you add me as a friend I would like to see your photos.

wish I was there to help n hear your moans as you get yourself off ! !

I had a Gf who did the exact same thing, she would ***** in her room and as she said "admire her body" . A love a woman who loves her own body she's confident enough to look at herself and ***

dammm baby , you really know how'd make a guy hard quick :)

thank you for sharing that rocked

mmmm...sounds hot, I would love to watch

Oh wow, that is so very sexy, would love to watch you doing that

Can I lick your ***** while u finger yourself?

sounds nice

Sounds like quite a scene. It's refreshing when women are open about their self pleasure so I enjoyed the story. What body of water do you overlook?

I'd love for you to add me.

It is nice to have a toy that is also with you! Sounds like you have fun, thanks for sharing. I love a women that has sensitive nipples, nothing better.

After reading this, I tried a mirror and you're right. Very erotic! Thanks

mmmmmhhhhhhh sounds nice girl

wish i was a fly on the wall

What a wonderful picture you have painted for us

very very sexual

Very arousing! Nice!

I'd love to watch you while getting myself off. Will you add me?

You should record it and let us see you, sounds sexy.

your imagination is really a turn on for you. the next time, imagine a tongue lick your **** and giving you a high. worth trying


Thanks babe00 - I've been a fan of yours for a long time now - so time to start reading your stories - and this is fabulous - that description is just awesome - thanknyou for posting that story - WOW!! - I can imagine your little body squirming as your moment of pleasure approaches - mmmmmh - real nice - thank you - mark xxxxxx

I would love to be a fly on the wall in your room.

mmm thast sounds so hot, I love edge play too, I hope you saw my post. will you add me as a friend pretty please?


MMMMMM Love to watch you and pleasure myself!

Wonderful story. Oh, to be a fly on your wall.

add me see more hv extra ordinary large juicy a water melon....

your story is too sensuous....which make me really hard.......

wowwww......fantastic....story...with real exp.....moreoever.....u hv a gorgeous figure with gr8 36D size juicy water melon like gigantic booobs....u hv awsome perfect hot and sxy figure.....

I loved by licking ur profile pics .....over my computer monitor......tht was damn good exp......
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wow what a image that makes, thanks for sharing

mm what a fine image... love to edge, would love to edge with a friend! Oh, and hot avatar. Thx for sharing

Hmmmm would love to watch you pleasuring yourself ;-)

Hot!!! Thanks!

How long do you edge your ******* for? I like to work my self up over a few hour and have a massive one

Mmm nice I'd like to see in your window while you do that.

thanks for sharing that is hot :)

Thanks for the story, and wishing all of us "Happy self pleasuring!!" I do it all the time and love the mirror too!

Do you realize ************ is as healthy for you as it is pleasurable? Wow, what a WIN, WIN Situation!!!

would love to nearly get you there and then stop and do it agin and again and again and when you did *** !!! you would be shuddering and fall to the floor in exstacy !!!

Thank you for sharing - I'm feeling like there is something I must now do! Look forward to reading some more from you!

yes what a hot story,awesome that you enjoy yourself that way.

Very sexy story.

Watching yourself in the mirror is hot...I'll have to try this!

ok thats kinda hott, can ya add me?

Rocking ****** indeed..but do you edge?