Mistaken Identity (Part 1)

There’s been a case of mistaken identity and you’re snatched from your home in the middle of the night, blindfolded, hand-cuffed then taken away in the back of a van. You have no idea where you’re being taken but the trip takes over an hour. You can hear at least 3 different male voices and the possibility of a forth.
When you finally arrive you are pulled from the car and taken into a building then down a very long stairway. You’re lead into a room where you feel the warth of a fireplace. You hear the door closed and locked behind you then complete silence (with the exception of the fire place burning away and the sounds of people undressing). Soon after, you hear people quietly discussing something in the corner of the room and a hushed argument breaks out.
Suddenly the agreement is settled by what appears to be the leader and two men move you to the middle of the room then carefully (but with speed and purpose) ***** the clothes from your body. You’re left standing there frightened, naked, still blind-folded and terribly embarrassed to be exposed to a group of complete strangers.
You are lifted up and laid down on a firm bed. To frightend to even move let alone fight, you’re hands are un-cuffed but then securely fastened to each bed post stretching your arms out wide. The same is done to your ankles stretching your legs wide apart and completely exposing your sex to the dozen strangers in the room.
A thick strap is laid across your hips and secured tightly under the bed (you find out later this is to stop you from bucking your hips) holding you down firmly.
The blindfold is finally removed and you realise that you’re in a large, candlelit room with at least 6 men and 2 women standing around you. A few of the men are dressed... no top, loose fitting boxers and hooded masks. The rest of the men are completely naked. A couple are already aroused and stiff from watching your naked body strapped down to the bed. They are all pretty fit and tanned with athletic bodies, muscles highlighted from the soft candlelight. The 2 women are naked. A brunet with a soft curvy figure, average sized breasts with small pointed nipples, a thick (but well trimmed) patch of pubic hair and pale skin. The other is a tall, thin red head with hair down to her waist and deep green eyes. She’s standing with her hands behind her back and biting one corner of her lip as her eyes roam over your body.
The leader walks up to the bed and (staring you in the eyes) says to the men and women around you... “No leneincy with this one... She has information that threatens the security of the organisation. No matter how long it takes for her to crack... don’t stop”.
With that, the two women move to each of your feet and start licking, biting and sucking your toes one by one.
Two men move around to each side of the bed and start massaging your breasts with a feather light touch, giving you goose bumps and making your nipples stand to attention. One man moves around behind you and runs his fingers through your hair slowly as another moves in between your legs.
You start crying out in protest.... pleading with them to believe that you are not who they think you are.
He starts a long trail of kisses along your legs, biting gently every now and then. Moving very slowly up until he’s just below your *****.
He kisses, licks and softly bites all around it, watching you lose the fight against your body’s response to the pleasure. You try so hard to ignore the feeling of warm, wet kisses slowly gliding all the way from the bottom of your lips to the tip of your **** but it’s pointless as sparks of unwelcomed fire burn between your legs. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to ignore the feelings they are building within you. You keep your eyes fixated on the cealing as your beathing quickens. You try to hide this but it ends in you taking short, sharp breaths that are even more noticable. Your tingling **** has hardend and your ***** twitches in anticipation as he continues to work his talented mouth around your mons .
Your trying to think of something to tell them that will convince them of who you are but it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate. If only they stop for just a second so you could collect your thoughts you could let them know that....
He pulls the hood of your **** back and sucks down on it firmly sending a blinding bolt of pleasure that makes your eyes roll in the back of your head and spreads throughout your body. Your back involentarily arches and a low short groan strains past your lips.
The others smile and continue working their magic on your breasts and toes as the one between your legs anounces...
“Remember, she’s trained to resist these types of interrogations. No matter what responses she has... consider them as fake and do not stop”.
The leader then leans in and whispers in your ear... “We’re going to bring you to the edge of ****** and hold you there so long, you’ll be begging to give us the information we want so we’ll finally let you ***”.
The panic once again stirs within you but this time it’s because you can already feel the warm tingly start of an ****** building. It’s going to be a long, long night.

To be continued...
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

You have a way with words...

Wow.... just WOW! I hope "Part 2" isn't too far behind!

Can't wait for part 2!

Nice twist on this group...thank you for sharing. Wondering if she will resist the teasing :)) Btw...you write well...enjoyed reading... once again :))

Sounds yummy...:))