its all about extreme pleasure. I love to play with a special friend.... she usually ties my hands behind my back, after she takes off my shirt, then stands behind my back. Im never sure whats coming next, the excitement is intense....sometimes she rubs against my hands, others, she reaches around pinches my nipples to tease them.....then slips her hand down and unzips my fly. I'm usually getting hard by now and she slips her hand inside and gently rubs my **** and balls through my underwear, or just bare skin on skin if I'm commando - it gets pretty intense. I REALLLLLLY love it! if she see's I'm "twitchy", she blindfolds me then peels off my pants and teases me even more, putting her hands between my legs from behind teasing my balls.... gently squeezing them. Then she starts to lick and nibble my **** - by now as you can immagine its gettting hard to hold off from *******.
She stops..... pulls her panties to one side makes me kneel, still with my hands tied and eat her... I use my tongue very skillfully, outer lips first... then sucking each one.... feeling it swell in my mouth... then a gentle but deep tongue ****..... should I continue?
mattyboy43sums mattyboy43sums
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I go faster and deep until I feel her breath quickenI glance up to see her stomach tighten shes about to *** its time to stop.... I back off, she's panting ......perspiring....she winks and smiles.... suddenly shes on me.....I'm pushed back against a wall, she licks from th ebottom of my scrotum all th eway up nibbling at the shaft and teasing the nerves on the underside , just below the head of my ****. I so want to beak loose - and **** her, mount her in every conceievable position, smell her tatse her love her, but its useless I cant , my hands are firmly tied benind my back....and she knows beautifully SHE is in control. As she sucks ands nibbles the tip of my throbbing **** she pulls the skin tightly back and lips the bead of precum from the tip... I am soooooo lost now in a world of agony and ectasy and she roughly grabs my *** cheeks, it makes me wince. Im on the edge now, I cant hold back anylonger all I can think is PLEASE, please let me ***, let spurt and explode, but I look and she has that siren smile again..... as I pulse and beads of precum drip..... she winks and stops... the agony is exquisite..... its time for me to bring her back to the edge again.... we are both so turned on, I ask her if she's ready to be ****** now - and with a look so beautiful and so scary she nods and hisses "take me" but I wont its all part of the edge play..... tell me when you want to hear more......


I want someone to edge me for weeks until they own me and know I'm there to follow orders or they can start punishing my **** some more

Luv it I need to hold our longer would be even funner I usually make her beg for it take her to the edge and back off again... Fun stuff

Yes, please continue. Great begining...