Help Needed

The maid had broken the pipe and wanted kitchen plumbing work to be corrected. To fix it, the plumber came but it was getting too messy..he called up his helper this time..the water that had splashed over them had soaked both from head to toes. Feeling cold they thought it was best to get dry, plumber took off his shirt and pants, he asked her for a towel and then he took off his shorts too. She put those in the dryer and went to change her clothes. The main door bell rang and the plumber seeing his assistant, opened the door. The maid was a lonely woman, she felt a certain urge inside her , so she thought that the plumber would take some time to fix the leakage.
She was naked, so she shouted from her room, " Are you doing okay or need anything "
Plumber replied, " No thanks, I will let you know if I need."
That made her relaxed, she opened her legs and lubricated her *****, then she got the new ***** never tried before, but was keen so she inserted it inside and turned it on..hmmm it was giving the best massage..she closed her fell out with her juice..she just searched and inserted it her legs were up and wide open..the plumber came to get his clothes, as he watched her ..his member got hard..and he said, " Did you mean it? when you said earlier about me needing anything?"
Maid, was too horny now and she replied, what do you want? I want to replace that ***** with mine :) I am on the edge of explosion..
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mmmmm very hot...sliding my hand between my legs rite now here at work.....