Backyard Exposure

 W e had been staying next door to Rox's parents' house in Florida for our two week summer vacation.  Because of the graciousness of her parents' next door neighbors, we were not only allowed to spend the time living at their home while they themselves were away, but we also had complete access to their swimming pool. 


     The back yard in which the pool was situated had a six foot high fence around the perimeter.  In some respects this offered a great deal of privacy, however, because of the way the back yard sloped toward the alley along the far edge of the property, full obscurity from the house on the other side of the alley was not obtained.  It would have been our usual style to not wear a stitch the whole time we were at the house, indoors or out, but nudity was not an option in this circumstance for a couple of reasons.

     First, though it was clear that the back neighbors could not see the pool or the first three or four feet above the pool (for example they would not be able to see if someone standing by the pool was bare from the waist down), they would, however, be able to ascertain if a person next to the pool were topless.  Secondly, we didn't want to shock Rox's parents should they come over unannounced.

      So in order not to offend the neighbors in back who might be looking out their back windows or cause embarrasment within the family, we were relatively discreet in our pool activities. 

     Nevertheless, one day during a mid morning swim Rox orchestrated the erotic event that would keep me in a state of arousal for the rest our trip, not to mention the creation of a memory that would inspire countless erections in the years to come.

     As far as I knew, that day was to be no more special than any other day.  The sun was out and blazing, birds were chattering away amidst the usual suburban background sounds, and we were relishing both the sun and the cool water of the pool.

     At one point we were both in the water when Rox decided she'd had enough swimming and hoisted herself out of the pool.  I admired her shapely backside as she pulled herself up and out.  She looked sexy and delicious with the beginnings of a tan, and I watched her as she strolled over to where our towels were spread out on the hot, white concrete deck.

     She seemed to be taking her time drying off, almost as if stalling.  When she was totally dry, she nonchalantly reached behind her and unclasped the top of her suit, pulling the halter over her head to allow her breasts to swing free, baring them to the sun, the sky, and whatever lucky neighbors might happen to be glancing out their window.  She shot me a glance, smiling slyly, as I ogled her topless form.  

     I started to get an erection immediately from the implication of her risky exposure.  She twirled the top on her finger to emphasize the blatantness of her act.

     At that point I became aware of a sound that I surely had been hearing all along but had not until then realized the significance of.  It was the sound of a garbage truck lumbering up the alley in our direction!  Here it came, rolling up to the back of Rox's parents' house, the garbagemen noisily grabbing the trash cans and emptying them into the back of the truck.  I was immediately charged with the knowledge that in less than a minute or two they would be at our back yard!

     My first reaction was to panic.  After all, I was already tuned into the riskiness of Rox's blatant exposure, and if I were in her place I would be scuttling to quickly cover myself.  When Rox made no move to replace her top, even though it was quite obvious that she could be seen, it dawned on me that Rox had other plans.

     Besides the driver there were three men working at the back of the truck.  All four workers were black men; big burly bucks sweating hard in the rhythm of their daily grind.

Chattering amongst themselves in a world all their own, little did they know that something very special was waiting for them at the very next house!  For in the yard of that house whose blue shimmering pool lay outside their reach every week on their rounds, tantilizing their aching heated bodies with fantasies of immersion in its slippery coolness was a vision that would be burned into their memories for the rest of their lives.

     Rox had already begun to slip her bottoms off as the inevitability of the garbage men seeing her sank into my consciousness.  Only then did I understand that Rox had chosen that moment of that day to live out a fantasy that she'd had since she was a teen-ager: to expose her lilly-white nakedness to the eyes of these common black laborers, to show her body to men whose brutish lust she was sure to evoke.

     In a flash I remembered Rox telling me how tempting it had been for her as a girl to see the potential audience of working men that would pass by her back yard once a week.  How easy it would have been for her to feign an "accidental" exposure, to be caught sunbathing topless in the yard or hanging up the wash in a next-to-nothing nightie when they happened by!  I knew she would get wet just thinking about the animal desire she could bring out in men to whom she was untouchable by allowing them visual access to her sexuality.  But for the fear of being caught by her parents and disciplined harshly she probably would have had something to show them every week.

     Now there was nothing standing between her and the fulfillment of her fantasy but the two tiny pieces of cloth that had covered her intimate parts moments earlier.  Now they appeared as nothing more than props in this scenario that my wife was creating, their only use, as she casually wrang them out as if it was the most common thing in the world, to draw attention to the fact that what they once covered was now bare.  As the workers finished picking up her parents' trash they climbed aboard the vehicle and moved rapidly toward our back yard.

     Looking quickly back and forth between my naked wife and the black laborers, I caught the initial reaction of the first one who saw Rox standing there in her birthday suit.  Needless to say, his mouth dropped open a mile and he could not take his eyes off my wife.  His look of shocked disbelief alerted the other two riders to something out of the ordinary, and they strained to see what their collegue had already seen.  About this time the driver also saw Rox and hit the brakes.  In a slow crawl the workmen soaked up the picture before them.

     The expressions on their faces is forever etched upon my mind.  As the truck pulled up directly behind our yard, all three of the workers and the driver were put into a position to get the best view of Rox's performance.  Riding much higher than the top of the fence, their sight was completely unobstructed.  They were mesmerized by my wife's bawdy display, and as she nonchalantly strolled over to the clothesline to hang her suit up to dry as if she was oblivious to their gawking, they went about their task of collecting the trash as if in a dream, never looking away from Rox's naked body for an instant.

     Their minds were obviously blown by the spectacle before them not more than fifteen yards away.  I was equally stunned by my wife's boldness.  The black men were eating her body up with their eyes, feasting on the sight of her creamy, pink-tipped breasts and the light brown thatch of pubic hair which she did nothing to conceal.  God only knows what was going through their minds as they witnessed Rox's saucy show.  After hanging up her suit, she sauntered back over by the pool making it obvious that she was well aware of the effect she was having on us all.  At that point I noticed that her skin was flushed pink with excitement and that her nipples were erect and hard as little pebbles.  She was giggling with nervous exhilaration.

     The trash had been collected.  The men had boarded the truck but the driver did not move.  They all just gaped in wonder at the spectacle before them.  Then one of them, as if to convince himself that the naked white beauty who displayed herself so shamelessly before them was real, reached up and gave Rox a little wave.  When Rox cheerfully waved in response the spell was broken.  The hands of the two other riders and the driver shot into the air to wave back as big grins stretched across their faces.

     At that moment they became sure that Rox had exposed herself to them for their enjoyment, that she was allowing them to see her and take pleasure in her nude form.  One of them unconsciously reached down and stroked his hardening **** through his dirty pants.

     Still waving, the driver slowly started toward the next house.  The workers kept looking back until they were so far down the alley that they could no longer see Rox.  I had such a hardon that I could no longer control myself.  I jumped out of the pool and immediately laid Rox down on a towel on the hot concrete deck, ripping off my trunks in the process.  I was in no mood for anymore teasing and pushed my **** into her heated channel.  She was so wet and turned on that I slid in to the hilt on the first thrust.  She gasped with delight as I began to pump her like an animal.  She began to come instantly and I was right behind her, filling her up with my molten seed.  Her wanton performance kept me in a near constant state of arousal for the rest of our vacation.

     The next day we stopped by Rox's parents' house after a morning of shopping.  It was lunch time when we heard the loud, familiar sound of a garbage truck rumbling through the alley.  As it slowed to pass the house next door where we were staying, Rox's father remarked, "In the twenty years we've lived here trash pickup has always been on Wednesday.  I've never seen the garbage men come through this alley on a Thursday and they've been through here four times today."

     Rox and I just about choked on our sandwiches and had a secret laugh together.

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nice sound like a fun couple!!!

Wonderful story.....It is nice that Rox gave everyone so much pleasure. Can I be added so I can see what I missed...

Wonderful recounting of an incredibly sexy Roxy adventure! Loved it! The ending was a hoot too.

That was a very good story well told...

The part about her wanting to expose herself as a young girl but being afraid reminded me of one of the sexiest things I ever heard out of my own wife Jeanie. We were at one of her class reunions and a couple of the guys at our table were talking about a window that they used to climb up to where they could see into the first two shower stalls in the girls locker room. They were trying to embarass the women at the table by telling them this ten years later. Jeanie commented that she knew they did that then asked them if they ever wondered why she always showered in the first stall after cheerleading practice. One of the guys got this shocked look on his face and just looked at the others and uttered, "You know she is right, she did always use that stall." That was the last mention of it that night. They were the ones who got embarassed.

a fantastic story my wife put the bin out once naked great fun

What a daring & exciting woman. Bravo. Great story. Thanks

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