Wife's Physical Therapist

I am working away from home so my wife called me to tell me about an appointment she had with a Physical Therapist. My wife has been having a lot of pain in her hip and after the usual tests at the doctors they found that the thing she needed was to exercize it more. And advised a visit to a therapist. Several years ago she had pains in her shoulder and one was able to help her with that so she made an appointment to see him. He is a very attractive young man (mid-thirties). My wife told me she forgot about having to wear loose fitting clothes (yea right) and wore a tight fitting blouse and slacks without a bra and panties.

When she got to the appointment and went back to the room they exchanged the usual pleasantries then he asked her how her shoulder was feeling and placing his hands on her arm tried to move it around. She said he noticed her tight blouse and asked her if she could remove it so he could see how much motion she had in her shoulder. She said she hesitated a little then removed her blouse leaving her topless. He moved her arm around and at one point his hand brushed across her nipple as if by accident.

He then asked her to lie down on the table on her back and seeing her slacks were also tight asked her if she would remove them also. She unfasted them and lifted her hips a little while he puled her slacks off leaving her completely nude now. She said at first he looked a little embarressed but got over it quickly and took hold of her leg to move it around and even at one point pushed her leg up while placing one hand on her vagina and held it there. While he was holding it she said she felt his thumb enter her ***** and of course she was becoming very wet. She felt his thumb go in and out a few times before he released the pressure on her leg then did it again trying to get more motion and again his thumb entered her vagina a little deeper this time.

She told me he did this several times and even though the pain in her hip was intense she enjoyed his thumb in her and was soon close to having an ******. She said he must have noticed as he lifted her leg one more time and as he pushed it up he drove his thumb in deep and pumped her quickly with it sending her over the top. After about a minute he removed his thumb and smiled at her asking her how she felt and after her saying "Fantastic" he told her she could get dressed and needed to make another appointment. Which she did

I wonder how her next appointment is going to go?

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can i get your contact info...

thanks iv got a right hardon now

Your welcome. She has been to see him several times and she told me that even when she wears something loose he tells her to get the best results she has to remove everything

Wow, she must have been so horny. I bet he had a hand shandy afterwards.

I had missed this one....glad I read it. Your wife is a temptress....and it sounds like she gets what she hopes to a lot of the time. Excellent.

Thanks for the comment. The next appointment was a good one also. I will be posting it soon

Wow.. Please let us know what happen the next appointment