At A Nude Foam Party...

In summer, in the nude part of Cap d'Agde in France there is nearly daily a foam party in a large garden. Couples are admitted for a small fee, only if they comply with the strict rule of total nudity. Anyone who is not yet nude when entering has to hand in all clothes and shoes at the entrance. Most afternoons a few hundred persons will be present, to dance in huge foam mass. And while doing so, men and women start playing, touching each other, breasts, bottoms and genitals. We participated several times, it is highly erotic to touch all the shaved genitals. As a man, I cared for all the ******* and was really amazed how unbelievably smooth some of these were. Of the dozens of women, I think no one had noticeable pubic hair. Neither had I and it felt great when girls played with my penis and balls. My wife and I really like this erotic party, especially because of all these shaved persons, in a very liberal sexual atmosphere in and around the foam.
Pictures are shown at

look for "mousse 2010" and "mousse 2011"
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Sounds very erotic. More nudist reorts should do more sensual things like this.

I am so very pleased to learn about how shaving of pubic hair is growing among naturists to almost universal practice. I have shaved since the hair first came in and have always found myself so much more sympathetic and encouraged by seeing others who also shave.

You are so right Jillette, shaved smooth genitals are pure pleasure, to see, to feel and to play!

Was in CapDagde this summer with my woman. We both enjoi nudisme and doing /watching public sex. A mind blowing experince to be nude for 2 weeks and participate in the foam Party. Will be back in CD this Next august

Good to hear that you have also enjoyed nudism and public sex in Cap d'Agde! Please let us know more.

The pictures are awesome, it looks like a very stimulating experience!

I really admire your commitment in insisting on no clothes or shoes for anyone. As to being shaved down below, I think it looks great on a lot of people, but please don't hate me for liking to go full-bush myself. I think it makes it more interesting to see some of each, just like it's nice that some guys have full beards, and others clean faces. I do have a real problem, though, with the lazy scruff who sort of shaves but it looks like it's only every 3rd day:~p If you're going to shave (whether face or whatever) please keep it totally smooth:)

Thanks for the comments, Suszcza and please don't worry, we fully respect anyone's choice NOT to shave downunder. We just report on the pleasures of being smooth and that it is nowadays very common both among swinging nudists and more traditional naturists. Smooth skin appears to be more attractive and more practical and as naturists don't care about showing their genitals, why hiding them fully or partially? Maybe a little exhibtionism comes in there. The tendency that is observed now among nudists (and others but we can't see...) is just remarkable. Lots of additional reasons can be found in the dozens of EP groups devoted to shaving pubic hair. Still, this is just a personal decision and you are right, it may also be a little unpractical and one should be consistent in doing so, very short hairs are really more disturbing than soft longer hairs!

I really agree with you about shaving and how it is desirable for many people. I am encouraged by how greatly its popularity has increased and in my teens it was so unusual that I had to cover myself up and be ashamed about it.

That sounds like great fun. I must pay them visit

Haha CorPas ... you're pushing me closer and closer. My wife still has her heart set on heading back to the canaries but ... hummm ...

This is just something different... not just nudity but also tolerance and freedom to live out erotic fantasies.

Yes it looks like everyone was have their own fun ,love to have been there. :)

What is the foam? You could have a look a the website we refer to how it looks like. As we are a bit uncertain about translation of 'mousse party' , Wikipedia confirmed (nearly) exactly:<br />
<br />
"A foam party is a social event in which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine. Participants may wear bathing suits or beach attire. Many participants arrive fully clothed, and some then partially disrobe as the party progresses, while others remain fully clothed".<br />
<br />
Not so exactly, as for the participants in Cap d'Agde it is obligatory to be fully nude. And foam feels really great on naked bodies...

The photos make it appear to have been a great time.

I envy you the experience.