Gloved Otk Spanking

The instructions from Mistress P were simple. ***** from the waist down and fetch the rubber penis gag and Her red calf-skin opera length gloves. my fingers were trembling as i unbuckled my belt and let my trousers fall to my waist. Soon my erection was on full display, belying any notion that i felt anything but a craving for what was about to occur. i carefully removed the extra long gloves from their perfumed drawer. The mere sensation of the buttery soft leather in my hands sent an electric current coursing through me. Soon the rich red leather would be stretched like a second skin over the clever and unpredictable hands of my Mistress. Holding the folded gloves carefully, i then retrieved the black rubber penis gag from Mistress' extensive collection of toys. The straps and buckles dangled as i grasp the shaft of the mouth plug, and i could feel the crimson flush of embarassment begin to creep into my cheeks and ears.
i knelt before Mistress and presented the requested items. Her smile of satisfaction made my exposed **** bounce stiffly in obvious excitement. "Open wide little one." She was wearing Her black driving gloves, and she placed a index finger under my chin to pull my face closer. i dutifully formed a wide "O" with my mouth, and with a sigh of pleasure Mistress inserted the thick black penis until the head was tickling the back of my throat. "I want you to suck My penis like a good boy little one." Her gloved fingers pulled the straps around the back of my head and buckled then snugly and securely. My cheeks bulged as my tongue caressed the rubber cylinder and my saliva began to coat it wetly. The length of the shaft kept triggering my gag reflex, resulting in involuntary slurping and sucking sounds. Mistress laughed with amusement as i struggled with the humiliating mouth plug.
"Now then little one, remove My gloves and replace them with My spanking gloves." My intake of breath cause me to suck noisily on my penis gag, as i now knew what lay in store for me. i tried to keep my fingers steady as i peeled the short black gloves from Mistress hands. She sat regally in Her chair, enjoying my obvious arousal and discomfort as i slurped on my rubber ****. Placing the removed gloves down carefully, i took up the first of the long red calf skin gloves. Mistress knew that i had a glove fetish and She had been steadily reinforcing and intensifying it. Now the mere sight of leather gloves caused an instant erection in my pants. It was a long slow process to carefully guide each of Mistress' fingers into the fragrant red leather of the gloves, and slowly work the shaft up Her arm. The gloves were as long as they could be and skin tight, almost reaching Mistress' armpit. My knees began to ache against the hard floor as i finally smoothed the first glove into place. I then repeated the process with the second glove, until it too was stretched tautly over Mistress' hand and arm. The red leather shone richly in the light of the room as Mistress flexed her fingers. Her eyes locked onto mine as She reached down and grapsed my painfully rigid **** in Her gloved hand. i moaned involuntarily, causing my lips to flutter about the shaft of my penis gag. Mistress pulled me up by the penis and guided me over Her lap, gripping my hard-on between Her thighs like a vice. Her other gloved hand splayed itself over my bare ***, positioning it to Her satisfaction. The blood began to rush to my head as i stared upside down at Mistress' patent leather boots, a line of drool escaping from my frantically sucking lips and running down my face and into my eye.
"There is something wrong here pet. My red gloves are making too great a contrast against Your alabaster ***. Let's see if We can't make it a better match." Without warning the first sharp smack exploded against my bare ***. i moaned into my gag, sucking even harder. A sucession of hard spanks rained over my ***. There was no way to predict where the next blow would fall. Sometimes Mistress struck the exact same spot in succession, sometimes the blows fell into an entirely new area of my ***. i could feel the red leather warming as Mistress tatooed my *** with rising intensity. "A spank for every year of your age little one! We've developed a lovely shade of pink here, a perfect match for Your apron precious, but I know we can do better than that!!!" A particularly vicious blow exploded against the increasingly tender and burning hot skin of my ***, causing me to whimper into my gag. i could feel my **** getting harder as it worked between the moist flesh of Mistress thighs. i knew that i could not *** under any circumstances, and i desperately tried to control myself.
Suddenly the spanks stopped. "Such a lovely boy *****." Without warning, Mistress began to work Her gloved index finger into my tender rosebud. i shuddered as She began to enter me. "your **** is Mine and your ***** is Mine little one. And don't you dare ***, or Mistress will unveil a new punishment so humiliating that everything you'd experienced up until now will seem like a walk in the park." All the while Mistress was working Her gloved finger deeper and deeper up my bum. "Oh dear, now I've lost count!" With a laugh, She pulled out and began a new rain of blows. my *** was literally on fire now. i became aware of the fact that i was whimpering almost without pause as i suckled the fat rubber **** that filled my mouth. Now Mistress was working Her gloved thumb into my ***** bottom and working Her fingers down into my crotch to squeeze my heavy balls. i couldn't stop my hips from meeting the thrusts of Her leather clad thumb as it ****** me deeply. "Such a pretty fucktoy, make sure you lube that **** thoroughly because Mistress is just getting started on your *****!" i was drooling freely now as i sucked, trying with all my effort not to explode between Mistress' thighs. Again Mistress pulled Her gloved hand out of my back passage and began spanking me with abandon, until my *** felt like it was going to catch fire. Tears began running down my face, mingling with the saliva. Finally Mistress counted off the final year of my age. i was a shuddering, moaning mass, heaving across Her lap.
Pushing me to the floor, i barely had time to think before Mistress had grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into Her crotch. She maintained Her gloved grip on the back of my head, pushing my face into the gusset of Her already drenched panties. "Pleasure me through my panties little one!!!" i pushed my nose against the damp fabric, pressing my gagged lips against Her, moving my face back and forth as Mistress pushed me even more deeply between Her thighs. The penis plug seemed to push even more deeply into my mouth, causing me to gag. At the same moment Mistress' gloved fingers yanked hard on the hair on the back of my head, Her thighs pressing against my temples like a nutcracker. i could feel Her begin to convulse in a long hard ******. i continued to press my gagged mouth and nose against Her drenched panties until Her thrusting finally subsided.
Mistress kept my face squeezed between Her thighs for a long time. My fire-engine red ***, forgotten while i had face-****** Mistress' panties, began making its presence known again. Finally Mistress pushed me away and rose to Her feet. i groveled before Her for a moment, inches from the pointed toes of Her patent leather boots.
"Get up little one." i instantly rose to my feet, swaying a bit as i struggled to regain my balance. With a smile like the Cheshire Cat, Mistress slowly worked her soaking wet panties down Her legs and over Her boots. She then opened them in front of me. i shuddered with a new wave of humiliation as i realized what She had planned for me. i stepped into the wet panties, fragrant with Mistress' musky scent. She playfully pulled them up my legs with Her red gloved hands, making sure the leather stimulated my thighs. i winced as She pulled the soaked panties over my hips and they made contact with my bright red ***. "Smack!" Mistress gave me a final swat on my pantied ***. i moaned into my penis gag.
"Now go finish getting dressed for work little one. And thank Mistress for helping you get started."
i lowered myself to my knees and pressed the base of the penis gag against each of Mistress' shiny boots. "Fmmk Oooo Mwithwethh" Mistress laughed gaily as i struggled to get the words past the fat black **** in my mouth.

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The Penis Gag is used by the Mistress for your punishment and pleasure, of the Mistress....<br />
I too, as a Master have used this along with the o-ring Gag....<br />
You are a submisive/slave, and therefor, have the submissive/slave temperment...<br />
You show a FINE obedience to your Mistress and she should be very proud of what you do and for her...<br />
I am sorry for any misunderstanding....but remember boy-I AM A GOREAN MASTER AND I DO NOT HAVE TO BE SORRY FOR ANYTHING---i am just being respectful to your Mistress

Congratulations with an excellent description, littleone!<br />
I must first relieve myself now!!