Sore But Happy

As a teenager I spent a lot of time next door as my parents worked long hours. I spent most of that time with my friend Tim, but hung around even on the days when he worked late at the supermarket. I went over one day after scholl and walked in as usual but no one was n the kitchen, so I went upstairs to see if anyone was home. And that is when I saw Tim's mom in her room obviously giving herself pleasure. I stood and watched her for what seemed like an hour as she reached her happy ending, while rubbing myself for all I was worth. When Dee opened her eyes and saw me standing there with my fist wrapped around my manhood she got very angry and upset. Though naked she got out of bed and yelled, Did you enjoy that you little pervert. She pulled me over to the bed, removed my shorts and underwear from my ankles and proceeded to put me over her knee. She spanked my bare bum with her hand furiously for what seemed like forever. Though my bottom felt like it was on fire, the feeling of her naked thighs against my privates had me in ecstacy I had never been with a girl or seen one naked and I was more excited than ever before. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed I'm sorry, I'm sorry at least 20 times as the spanking continued. After 15 minutes or so, Dee calmed down and helped me stand. I stood there bawling, naked from the waist down with my bottom cherry red and purple in part throbbing away with my virgin erection twitching away. She realized that I had not done this intentionally and regretted her reaction to seeing me in the doorway. She went into the master bath and came back with some cream and started to rub it on my blistered bottom. It felt like such a relief as she caressed me but my erection got even harder. After rubbing cream all over my sore behind, she put a large dollop into her hand and to my surprise she gave me the release I was so desperately seeking. It took less than 2 minutes before I spewed all over her hand and arm. She said she was sorry she had spanked me so hard and asked me not to tell anyone about it. I promised I wouldn't and continued to stare at her nakedness with fascination until she finally put on a robe and told me I should go home.

A week later, knowing Tim wasworking again, I went over after school and found Dee in the kitchen making cabbage rolls. I told her that I had been really tempted to tell my Mom as she kept wondering why I seemed to avoid sitting down at the dinner table all week, by making excuses I had to eat in my room and do homework. I decided to go for it and told Dee if she didnt want me to tell, she would have to give me a spanking on my bare bum once a week followed by the same special treatment afterward. She reluctantly agreed and within minutes we were upstairs in her room with my bottom pointing at the ceiling and our clothes on the floor . Over the following weeks she experimented with her hair brush, bath brush, leather slipper and paddle. After a month she even had me reciprocate and I got to put her sweet bottom over my knee and smack her plump little bum until it was cherry red. I tried to go easy but she insisted I give it to her as hard and fast as she did me. On my 16th birthday, after ten minutes with the hairbrush she put me over some pillows on her bed and used her ex-husband's leather belt to give me 20 solid smacks on my sore behind. She then climbed up next to me and gave me the greatest present I've have ever gotten. I love OTK spankings.
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Damn Man!! Trust Me, I'm 55, And I Never Ever Got TO WALK IN ON SOMETHING LIKE THAT, let alone get a spanking for it and continue the lets say "home training"! . I Sure Wish I Had Though!!!!!!

What a lucky boy!<br />
I would also have gone mad with such "treatment"!