My First Otk

My first otk spanking came under some real humitilaing circumstances, I was stealing girls panties from clothes lines after dark, and was making it a happen to note when I would see those rubbber baby pants, Having done this with some newborn sizes and torn them trying get up my legs without tearing them, yeah I was to big at around 12 years old, so I started noting during the day sizes and baby sizes and ages I was determine to get several bigger sized pair.
I thought I was being a good rubber pants bandit. The night arrive there were baby pink the I spied for girl I knew be about a toddler size maybe, I had spend too many slow trips by on my bicycle check whether it would safe to steal them, any way after I did steal  them, ran to the  bushs and ran asap back to hop on bike and took off without be caught I went to a wooded area and quickly put them on,God they felt sssoooo good I just couldn't take them off, two block fom house I seen a high school mate pretty little thing  and has stolen some her panties earlier in the summer, well I see  Arlene
inside her houseand her mother yelling at her,while they walked to different rooms around house  I imaged her getting a" naughty girl spanking", bam next thing I knew Ishot a long strong load *****, when I regained my composure I wondered if anyone seen what happen, so I raced home, and was on my way to the bathroom which my mother was  occupying, she said she almost done and I would be able to get in the bathroom in a couple of minutes, well "I should ran like hell" the lady who daughters baby Pants I stole called her minutes before , and my when she opened the bathroom door in a minute I though,"" uh oh laying in the sink was :The"paddle, and slightly hidden I gimmaced the red enema bag, which I was sure any thing for me but,,,,,,,,,,had fear streak go up my back.Mom immediately explained my troubles and also informed me that I was going to paddle'd, My protesting was loud and demanding. mom was presisitant, just like that I was laying cross her lap, mom was big strong woman not fat but a work job that just a her hard strong muscle working woman body.
after five or six smacks with paddle she stop and said this wan't hard enough I counter an protested that were, very agressively I did then------------- the pants came and they were these pink rubber pants and my hard **** bulging in the front I don't know whehther she was angered or laughing, my face was down as put me back across her lap for spanking that had me howling, screaming, promising, to never ever do this again. My *** was on fire and when she stood me up and started to pull down panties she then looked at ***** and while stand me there pulled me toward her my **** still inside these rubber pants and as she spank away BAM BAM my **** shot a mind shattering body weaken ******* the of a kind for me and I was rubbing against her legs when she stop, she let go I collapsed to the floor between her legs her dress had riden up and I had a great view of her open bottom Playtex Girdle which framed a totally sopping white crotch Yes. she hotter then hell and flushed

Been a rubber pants fetish person since Now I need a lady to give "pink rubber panties." spanking no No NONO Ouch Please stop Ouch I will be good Oh No More stop stop STOPPP
Enema, yuh next night she call me in the bathroom , called me to her pulled dowm pants think I seen a smile when she didn't find rubber pants , but she gave a fast 1 1/2 quart enema and spanked me right after the enema was deivered  and filled me and I was told to hold this enema for five minutes. Iwas easy an she managed to find some reason to smack botttom some .
I told to go to bed I found the rubber pants cleaned and powered laying on my , bed iwas't sure what to do Wear them or put them up.

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Sep 11, 2012