I get a lot of headaches and ibuprofen has since become my best friend.

I love the way the pill feels as it goes down my throat, I love that brief respite right away because you know the pain killer is going to help out, and then when the pain goes completely away it's pretty awesome. Medicinal science for the win!

I also like Vicodin a lot. I had my first experience with it after I got my wisdom teeth out, and I still have a few left. It makes me feel happy. I use it when I have an especially bad headache or pain.

JonFurniss JonFurniss
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 19, 2008

As long as you're enjoying yourself and you're not hurting your body with pills i see no problem. I have been saved by pain killers a few times in my life. When I had broken my left collar bone and I was lying in bed with pains the likes of which you have never heard of, i got some nice pills from the apothecary. They were really strong and helped ease the pain. I took some constipation pills two weeks ago by the way. My stomach had really been acting up but the pills helped me out. Hmm I'd better stop writing or this will get gross.