My Experience With Painkillers

School '02-'03 - Ignition
It all started when I bumped into an acquaintance of mine at a gas station. He offered me some Percocet (5mg strength). I had no idea what they were at the time. I bought 8 for around $15. I don't think either of us realized how good a deal that was. I continued to buy them from him for the rest of the year. I also began exploring the rest of the prescription drug galaxy, but painkillers were my favorite. I wasn't really addicted, as I was only using once or twice a week. The school year ended, my supplier's connections went dry, and summer came. Painkillers drifted from my thoughts, and I didn’t mind.

School '03-'04 - Interlude
I only used painkillers two or three times this year. In fact, I had stopped smoking weed and pretty much just drank through my junior year.

Summer ’04 - Clouds
Near the end of the school year I met my partner in crime. We became almost universally associated with painkillers. We didn’t need to search them out, they came to us. My partner and I were stealing and buying mass pills for cheap. The year ended, and the summer began. This summer was different. I met a smart, creative, and beautiful girl. I introduced her to painkillers. In the evenings, we would get high, then lie on top of a grassy hill and just watch the clouds change colors as the sun set. When night came, we watched the stars. I spent two months living a dream.

Fall ’04 - Descent
Our relationship decayed and the river of painkillers ran dry. I started smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. I became quite depressed. I don’t remember much from this period of my life. It feels like uniform grey fuzz in my memory.

Since then...
After a few months I managed to get my life together. It is a wonder that I didn’t get addicted, as I’ve seen the pills ruin a couple people’s lives. I still think about that summer; it was the best time of my life. I don’t search for painkillers anymore, but when I do stumble upon some, it takes me right back to those summer nights...

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Hello sleep walker I am wondering if you are still taking painkillers at this time did you resolve your problems

Paroxetine? The generic Paxil? Damn, it can't even lift my mood a little. THat is my