Never Waste A Drop

i for over 20 yrs have been in the golden shower world. My fist exsperiants was when i was 14 iIhad a paper rout and i had one women witch acually at age of 11 she broke my cherry ya boy cherry   but never told anybody so having sex with her  was terific and  it elevated into all catergories  one timer I was licking her as nice as she liked ,she took my head gently and pulled it into her she said to me now something is going to happen ,dnt pull away hunny   I loved that term so, i allways did what she wanted and ithen felt the slow stream,   short but I took it into my mouth she told me not to swallow it. she cam down ansd sucked it out of my mouth. Wow it had a little taste but not much, Dam was to dam horny to care she peed over  and over the same routine and then she said next one u swallow it all hunny for me , thats all I needed to hear swallowed it and a cpl of more mouth fulls I didnt waste any of it. After that we played all type of pee games and she drank mine and she didnt care of the color or odor it may have been, oh yes peeing on her ,in her face hair and putting diapers on each other was fun she was petite . we played for five yrs be 4 she  moved across country   since then i have induleged and taught many to give and rec some in mouth some just showering all over I love it so to please my the girl or women im with at the time worship body worship is my thing . LIcvk and clean i just love anything  and love shareing stories  the breaking of my chery two days after my 11th birthday is a super memory 4 me loved her 4 it.
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I wish I could find a mentor like you had. What an awesome experience.