So Much Mystery :)

i just realized recently that i absolutely love people watching. i love sitting by the window, enjoying a cup of coffee and just watching people go by. i always think it's the funniest when the people stare back, looking all confused, and i just laugh. i always try to figure them out just by watching the way they walk or keep their hands in their pockets, heads held high or looking at the ground. i've started watching people in their cars as well. i wonder where they've been, where they're going, what they're thinking about... i guess i should feel rude but i just can't help it. it's too fascinating.
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what fun! now i want one of those windows, although i think i'd better find a more populated place to live before getting

I live near a railway station and have a plastic mirror sheet on my windows at the front of house,i can see out but no one can see in amd it looks like a mirror,and a lot of people especially women use the window to check their hair or adjust their clothing without realising that i can see them.<br />
I got the idea from a ship i was working on we had this on our messroom windows and we got a few good eyefulls from the passengers,women adjusting their bras and a couple haveing sex one evening when the ship was quiet.It is great to watch people inter-act without them realising that they have an audience.