Since Age 12 Tennis Has Been My Sport Of Choice

One day when I had nothing better to do I grabbed this tennis raquet my mom had laying around and a ball and I hit it against the side of the brick house. Eventhough it bounced out funny I enjoyed getting it back and then it bounced away and I had to retrieve it. After a while I got much better and could count to twenty, then thirty and all the way up to one hundred and I started hitting with my mom after work and mostly on weekends. I never gave up and when I entered High School I tried out for my tennis team and got on. I hit over and over against the backboard and practiced and got better. I volleyed with other kids and I got onto the singles number one position. I may not have won a lot of games but I really enjoyed it. After High School I joined tournaments and I even won several trophies. It felt good especially playing mixed doubles and I found several really great partners and sucess came easy for us. I now play from time to time but I really miss playing more seriously and am considering joining another team tennis league next year.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Do it! I just returned to the game after long hiatus and it's been so challenging getting my head in the match (a lot of baggage getting spanked playing Div I tennis in college). But today I used a body language trick that just looked like I was stretching my shoulders between points and it made me euphoric though I lost 4-6, 4-6.