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I Wrote This In 2008. It's About Not Giving Up And Trusting In God For A Higher Purpose

I will keep and hold back the tears,

take each moment as a gift and elicit a purposeful smile.

I will place my armor in the weakest throws and hold my shield out in front of me as I pull down my iron mask,

I breath, I move, nothing more nothing less just those simple tasks.

I open my hands and stretch out my fingers spreading them wide,

I allow my breath to slip through like sand and an overwhelming freedom is felt inside.

Whatever test or obstacles it doesn't matter to me anymore, it's a closing of one and an opening of another door.

I didn't ask for this and yet I created it. I summoned it from the depths of my despair,

It seemed the path was destined to be hard to get to there. 

I'm climbing this mountain to get to the sunshine and warmth at the top,

I will reach my destination but will not stop.

Each goal is a stone and leap of faith,

but the pain remains and I cannot erase,

the many times of blame and owing myself the punishment and cursings for allowing the wax and wane as I set my own pace.

Moving into victory is a captivating release,

and the bloodied field is now ready to speak it's peace 
Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 6 Responses Jul 20, 2010

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Kindy, What a beautiful work and such a touching poem! I have forwarded this to my daughter who is a bit of a writer herself and will love it. Many hugs and kisses Sweetie! Jennifer

Candy, Thanks for the prayer. I had a book of poems I had written through the years and lost it in a move. Was upset about it but remembered a few and have rewritten them down. I will have to start all over. Thanks for commenting my friend. XOXO

Lord, as I begin another day.Help me to live as you desire.Keep me ever aware of Your Presence. Ever alert to opportunities to serve you and my fellow man ,women,children I wish to make the best of this day.Guide my steps that I may not go astray AMEN!<br />
<br />
so heartfelt,all you dream come true.Your so talented please write your book of poems!!lovya xoxox<br />
thanks for sharing!!

Thanks Luv *Hugs*

This is a powerful and well written poem Kindal. Thank You for sharing. *Hugs*

Rana...thanks my sweet friend. These words still are true for me today and i'm almost there :) Ready to walk away from that battlefield so it can speak it's piece and no longer sleep with my fingers curled tightly to my palms for safety. Hugs.