A Very Feminine Feeling

i tried a pole dancing class and it was great. i did better than i thought. i had more co-ordination than i thought. it's a very s**xy thing to try. don't know how they do it with high heels on though lol
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6 Responses Aug 12, 2007

I just saw your story and I too am wanting to take a class in pole dancing. It has always interested me but I was afraid. I think it is sensual, sexy, great exercise and want to try it. Thanks for the encouragement I think I can do this. Any more pointers? Where do you go to find a class?

you got that right. i'm 42 and get 36 ish all the time..<br />
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Depends upon what you mean by "old." I'm 45 and hold my own just fine in class (do somethings better than the younger girls even!)

of course believer, get your booty on up there and give it a try. oh mama iy iy iy

This is so interesting. Can old ladies do this, too? I know some exchange students from South America who went to an open house at a store and won free pole dancing lessons. They think it's pretty! I think their mama's will a fit.

It takes some practice. I was wobbly for months in my 6" lucite heels but after a while I got used to them. You just need to get the kind that have straps that buckle them on around your ankles. That helps stablize things. Plus the plastic straps help your feel grip the pole when you climb. That's a big help when you're a beginning climber.