I Had a Baby 7 Months Ago.....

I went to the doctor in January because there was something not quite right about my personal area and the doctor said that it was because I just had a baby well I had my 7 month old at the time 5 months ago in January so I didnt think that it was because I gave birth and still dont....Have you ever known someone to bleed for 8 weeks straight?

Well I have been bleeding for 8 weeks. I have already been to the doctor and they checked me out and said that nothing was wrong inside of me but there has to be something that they are not seeing right? Well that is what I think anyways! I am not bleeding because it is my period because I have had my period in between the bleeding so I don't know what to do about this since I have already been to the doctor about it! Im thinking that maybe I should go to the doctor again...I dont know!

mommaof02 mommaof02
Mar 15, 2009