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Dressing As Sissy Jenny

I started when i was young enough to go from diapers to my sisters and cousins hand me down panties and tights.  Then as i grew I was wearing there dresses and we playyed and grew up as a girl.  I even took ballet lessons with them in my pretty pink tights and leaotard.  I love to wear them to this day,  You have to act feminine dresed that way.

My sisters and cousins finally started to wear bra`s and nylon panties.. i was so happy when i got a trainning bra too.  But for some reason i was not allowed to wear nylon panties as we had so many pairs of pretty cotton briefs with flower, princesses, animals.  So i was forgoten as far as nylon panties.  The started wearing nylons and I was only allowed tights.  I love the feel under my dresses or skirts.  I love my Mary jane shoes and getting dressed wth the rest in pretty dresses for Sunday and holidays.  I finially was allowed to wear nylons and started wearing a girdle to hold them up with the garter tabs.  i was still a little behind the others because when Pantyhose came out i was kept in a tight girdle and garter nylons and pretty cotton panties.  When I grew up i was always i silk and satin panties and bra 24/7 and my love for smooth silky pantyhose grew. I have dresses, skirts, ballet outfits, leggings are the closest thing to pants i ever wear.  i feel in love with the smooth feel of the  spandex, and nylon all rbbing against my smooth skin



sissyjenny4803 sissyjenny4803 41-45, T 4 Responses Dec 21, 2009

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Pantyhose, nylons w/garters, panties, bras w/silcone breasts, slips, dresses, skirts, blouses, make up, OH MY! What a wonderful world we live in, now if only we could go public without injuring or offending anyone. We have rights, too!

I love pantyhose too!

Pantyhose Rule!!!!!!!!!!!

i love peonies.<br />
<br />
lavender rooms<br />
<br />
smoky quartz<br />
<br />
chandaliers<br />
<br />
roses<br />
<br />
tulle<br />
<br />
satin sashes.<br />
<br />
dainty tea cups<br />
<br />
porceline.<br />
<br />
and more.... i have a whole slew of pretty yet to come on my new blog: follow me! it's going to be grand!