The Voice And The Message

I give a lot of speeches.  More than I thought I would.  Apparently, I am considered different and interesting.  I will talk about research that I have done or give talks on why funding should be given to certain research projects.  I have a good voice and wonderful presence and a strong message.  I actually enjoy public speaking.  I get into my zone and say what I need to say.  I'm kind of in a daze because I'm doing what comes natural to me.  Only when someone makes me aware of it do I think about it.  I'm not normally a nervous person so I don't get nervous speaking in public.  I don't do silly things like imagining people in their underwear.  That is just silly.  I just take a deep breath and say what I need to say.
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1 Response Mar 20, 2012

I'm good at public speaking as well...but I definitely have to get into "the zone" before I can undertake a speech of any kind. Because I do get a bit nervous...I'm envious of your wonderful self-confidence. I overcome my nervousness rather quickly...but the butterflies are brutal during the first few sentences. :)

No matter how many times you practice, it always comes down to the first few words that come out of your mouth. The sound, the pace, the inflection once it feels right everything else flows. I am used to it and it feels natural. When I'm at a conference and someone mentions it right in the middle of speaking, that is when it feels weird (that happens a lot in casual conversation, not a lot when I'm presenting.)