The Thinker

i really appreciate times when i can just be alone with my thoughts and enjoy the quietness around me...sometimes "being alone with my thoughts" can happen even when i'm with a group of people...but peace and quiet is so pleasant...

although, last night i had this experience where i turned off my bedroom light and went to bed...then all my thoughts came to my awareness (as what usually happens when we retire for the day)...and the room was sooooo dark and soooo quiet that i was quite intimidated by my thoughts! see, i have quite a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, and they're not really what i would wish being tired and all, i didnt really wanna think about them last night...but my point is, being in that pitch black room that was so quiet, i felt like my thoughts and problems were staring at me in the face and almost like i could feel its breath...i guess it was coz i could see and hear nothing else, so all my attention was with my was really weird, it felt so i got up and turned the light back on and just did some writing in my diary about the experience...then i was so tired that i was able to fall straight to sleep after i turned the light back off.

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1 Response Aug 13, 2007

same here.i like to think of life and how situations played out or could have played out for me.and dream of what i would love to do,things that would make me i can be a better person;that's what i think about most..sometimes,it's a wonder i think about anyone else.but i love pipo.and i think it's a good thing for evry1 else if i'm sorted.