23rd Day 2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life.

I was a Realtor 17 years ago and have been a lecturer to new agents for a couple of years.I retired this year as my knees have been difficult and am on wheelchair.My good friend has just recently joined the industry and needed help in her course and i am helping her today.I love to impart my experiences and see others make it.Its not an easy career.I recently bought a new wheelchair as the old ones could not take my weight and size.Its still in good condition and i donated it to a old folks home.While there i saw many old folks and felt the urge to do somrthing for them.We will be buying food for them as and when we can.The last 2 days of rest and relaxation has put me on my feet again.I am going on my daily ritual right after i finish my story.
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Thank you dear friend for your comments.I have to keep my spirit high and remember all things are posssible.Have a blessed day.