I had a tufted Toulouse gander and about a year ago acquired 8 Sebastopols.  There were supposed to be 3 Ganders and 5 females. One of the females paired up with the Toulouse.  Three Sebastopols started laying and eventually setting including the tufted T's mate.  The other 5 ran the T off and refused him entrance into the goose house, viciously attacking him whenever he came near any of them . We had 2 gosslings hatch in our incubator before the setting mammas hatched any but after the first one hatched under the setters we put our two incubator babies in with her and she accepted them as her own even though they were considerably larger than hers. As each gossling hatched the five other geese would escort them out of the goose house and baby sit them all day then back in at night to climb under the mothers. After all were hatched all 8 Sebs watch over them and are quite vicious with anything that comes near enough to be a a possible threat including the LLamas, goats , dogs and humans. Has anyone had any experience with the babysitting geese? It is facinating to watch but I have never seen this kind of interaction in geese before.
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I had 8 goslings. Sold two like the first day I got them. I raised the other 6 and sold one more in July around the 3rd month marker....I got them April 29th. I got rid of the biggest 3 aggressive ones and I planned on keeping a mating pair, which turned out to be the smallest of them all? Yours sounds scary and I know all geese are pretty much aggressive? Your story of the babysitting geese is wonderful. As I am just starting with Embden geese. My geese were always together and always private. I think the more you have the more private they get and nasty too? I must say "They are the strangest creatures I have ever seen in my life"? My husband got goosed and it was hilarious, hahaha~~. I nevered checked into any other geese at the time but I now know what a SEB is and I think they are the coolest looking geese! I think all geese will give you a hard time....I enjoyed your story and hope to hear more.....I am just learning about how to use this site and that is why I am adding a comment/info on me.