Oops Ive Lost the Plot Where Are They ?

Sitting down with the volume ive been dying to peruse , its a magazine on the technical aspect of my regulations in my trade. I had them , was it in car , the work truck , or did I leave them on the job? Well there goes the read ..               Ha Ha they were on my head.

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Thank you, Thinking about it!<br />
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Have a great weekend!

May we interest you in some nice soft contact lenses? (Just a suggestion...) ;)

If I bought Prescription Glasses, a lot of money would be made out of me by opticians!<br />
<br />
.I go to a bargain store and buy 2 pairs for $5.00<br />
If I break a pair, I usually do!...I know i can still read!!<br />
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