Okay I'll Get This Show Started

This might make more sense if you read my story "Not an Exhibitionist" first.


This is one that happend about two years ago.  I was spending the week with a friend who was studying out of state.  she introduced me to some of her friends and they asked if I would like to join them for some tennis, we agreed to meet them later that day.  I hadn't been planning to work out that week and hadn't brung anything to I wanted to sweat in, so I asked my friend to borrow something, she told me that she had something.  One thing you should know is that this friend of mine has known me for years and for some time has known that I get a kick out of being humiliated.  when we got to the locker room she handed me one of those classic white tennis skirt and top outfits.  I knew it was going to fly up from time to time, but I decided not to complain.  we got out on to the court and started a game of doubles, and when it came to my serve I thought that I would show off by jumping up and really smacking it in there, but when my feet left the ground I felt a sharp tug on my clothes.  My friend had prepared the outfit by ripping some of the stitching so I slid out of them like they were tissue, and when I hit the ground I was in nothing but my matching white underwear and bra.  I made a break for the locker room but over the other girls laughing I heared my friend say that she still had the key to our locker and told me if I didn't finish the game I would have to ride home without my clothes.  I played to lose to speed the game along since I was starting to draw a crowd.  I was mortified.

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i would love to be friends with you and add to your humiliation

More than you know, If I had a nickel for every time they've embarrassed me like that I'd be a rich *****.