Shower With My Sisters Bf...

My sister was 19 at the time as well as her boyfriend they are only two years older than me. I have always thought her boyfriend was so hot and kinda envied her. I was visiting at their house for the weekend. My sister is an early bird she likes to get up in the mornings and do errands where as me and her boyfriend sleep in all the time. On saturday i slept in till about 12ish and decided to get up and take a shower. I was a virgin at the time and never really did anythin past kissing however i never liked having hair down there and always keep it shaved. Well i got in the shower and was washing my hair when my sisters boyfriend knocked on the door. I peaked over the shower curtain to see him with the door cracked. He told me he thought i was my sister and needed to shower jokingly of course so i laughed it off and continued with my shower. The next thing i know he opens the shower curtain and gets into the shower with me completely naked. God he is so hot and his d*** was so big I felt instantly turned on but shy and nervous at the same time. I never thought he found me attractive at all and thought maybe he just wanted to tease and shower with me. He slid his hands around my waist and up my back and pulled me close to him. Everything got very all hot all the sudden. I felt his very hard c*** outside my vag i wanted him to slide in me so bad i wanted him to thrust every inch in me but insted he pushed and it rubbed against my **** i remember holding my breathe and wanting him more than anything ive ever wanted. Then he started kissing my neck making his way down to my breast each kiss made me hotter and hotter he got down to my hips and i had to lean against the shower wall to support myself. He licked my **** his mouth was so warm it was something ive never felt before and i started to moan he continued to suck and lick and i found myself loving every minute of it. I was moving around so much i wanted his c*** more than anything the feeling got so overwhelming i had to hold onto the washcloth rack in the shower because i lost feeling in my legs i felt like i was moving all over the place i dont know how he was able to keep his mouth on my ****. Every muscle in my body tightend and it felt amazing i could think about anything but the way it felt he started kissing back up my stomache my whole body tingled i was shaking and couldnt stand he sucked on my neck and again i could feel his big c*** between my thighs he moved it against my **** which made me shake more i had never felt so much pleasure in my life i couldnt talk couldnt tell him i wanted him in me then he got out put a towel on and went to his room. I stayed in the bathroom till the tingling had left and i was able to stand again. He was the hottest guy i had ever been with
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That was great, I wouldn't have been able to resist putting it into you in that situation. You got any more stories like that?

you girl made me hard


Did your sister ever find out?

surprise encounters where the woman LOVES it are the best stories for me. write more, its the best story I have read in awhile

wait so this story is real or not!??

i wish i could b der in his place!!! i would not left u so in the shower

Dang babe, that was a very erotic story, glad you got some pleasure in the shower

hi, this is a very well written erotic story, thanx for sharing. xxx

good story...add me plz

lol thanks guys


that was a good beginning of heat generation.<br />
.however , something is amiss which you are hiding from telling<br />
.he couldnt have left you high and dry ....or dried you with the towel. massaging all

Thank you =p

That was a very hot story and it certainly turned me on....<br />

very nice story it caught my compleat att..