A True Story.

A true story------------------
In those days I was a practicing alcoholic. Being employed in police I was able to go almost anywhere. On that day I had gone to Thane for official work. Having finished work, I went to a bar and gulped down sizable amount of rum. I met some officials there, had good conversation with them and left to catch the train to Kalyan. I was fully drunk when I reached Thane railway station. The 11.25 Bombay-Pune passenger rolled into station and I hurried to catch my bogie as usual. Suddenly I caught a sight and to my habitual nature I sensed something. In a window I saw a beautiful young woman who made advances to me surreptitiously. Very pleased I ran to that compartment. I squeezed my way to that fairy and sat down near her. “you came at last,” she said.
We both got down at Lonavala. Went to  a hotel and drank some more wine. When she had become drunk, she ordered a meal and ate. She sitting on my lap all time and feeding the food with her beautiful hand. Having finished, I took her in my lap and began kissing her and pressing her breasts uncontrollably. She was responding me very dexterously. She was kissing me back by sucking my tongue. She was groping for my semi hardened ****. We made each other completely nude and she sucked my ****. She seemed expert in sucking as she was licking the head of my hard ****. Then I put her on our bed and began to **** her. Wow what heavenly joy we experienced. I rode on her like horse and pounced on her. I gave all the sweet pain to her by squeezing her breasts and kissing her lovely mouth. That night I ******* her only two times as our drinking sessions continued all the night. All night she was sitting on my lap and caressing my ****. I remember now even her name I did not ask. She was the most beautiful girl I ever ******. Next morning before going on our paths, I again ****** her to my heart’s content. Before departing, giving last long kiss, she said,” remember me o duck” and she was gone. A beautiful fairy who had come to satisfy me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.
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good story

Great story but could use more adjectives and details. ;) look forward to reading more of your stories.

i will keep ur instruction in mind baby. btw thank you babny.

Ive enjoyed reading ur stories. I however am more of a csi mystey type of fan. Yet it is nice to see the different creative ways people get there thoughts out here on ep

thank you baby.