Childhood Fantasy.

Life’s  experiences--------------
                   We were staying in Vaitarana then, where BMC has built a big dam for the people of Mumbai. I was eight years and children in my age group were more or less of the same age. There were two girls, Sushama and Saroj who played with us. Happy company we had then not knowing what is sex or how  were man and woman relations. But the girls were advanced for their age. They did not have the experience but had an inkling as to what that means. Sometimes both the girls played with our genitals and we also did not object thinking it to be part of the game. We also not reported the matter to elders. We, I and my friend Jaggu, enjoyed the encounters. We and the girls went to jungle to play or pick up berries or mangoes. Near our chawl  was small hillock and on it a water tank, behind the tank was thick forest and lot of big trees. That spot was favorite of Sushama. One day she  told me to come with her to that spot, saying she wanted  to meet someone. Normally the children of Adivasis or Aborigines came there to feed their animals. I went with her not knowing what she wanted to do. When on the tank, she beckoned a grown up Adivasi boy to her. She told me to keep watch lest anybody comes. The boy came and lifted her and started kissing her uncontrollably. Then both sat down and he lifted her frock and she fumbled with his lungi. His **** was fully grown and jumping. That **** she held in her hand and caressed lovingly. I trembled with fear keeping watch over the proceedings. Then she bent and kissed the big **** and started licking it with relish. After sucking the ****, she put it on her ***** and the boy tried his might to insert **** into *****. I remember the shrill cry of the girl. Try as he might,  he could not fulfill his desire. At last Sushama took his **** in her mouth and began sucking it. She was licking his head and held his balls. I could see the boy enjoyed it very much. At last his sweet juice came out and the boy hurriedly withdrew his penis and fled. I was dumbfounded for a long times after that incident. It was new experience for me to be cherished.
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