Horseback Riding!

My first story(true story)

I had a female friend in high school

that had never been horseback

riding before. We had set up a date

and she came

over to the house. She was wearing

very tight short shorts and a tiny red

tank top. It was very hot out but her


Still stood out and i could help but

keep looking at them. So we got 2

horses out of the field and started

saddling them up.

she then decided that she rather ride

double since she had never rode

before and i said ok. We head out

onto the farm.

I take the ride slow at first. As I hold

the rangs I notice that she is rubbing

her breast on my arms. I start to get

very hard. So i decide to trot the

horse and her boobs start bouncing

on me. I tell her I'm sry and she

turns and kisses me. She says she

likes the way it feels. I start

massaging her breast as we ride and

she starts working the saddle. We

stop the horse for a bit and stretch

out legs and can't keep our hands off

each other. We ***** down and start

to full around. I claim into the saddle

and have her claim on to. She sits in

front of me and slowly slides down

on my so hard ****. I give the horse

a kick and we are off. From the

bouncing of the ride we have the

hottest sex I have ever had. Best

****** I ever experienced. The

saddle was so soaked. What I'd give

to do that again!
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My fist story must suck or at least i not good at typing it. 108 views and not a comment. I will have to work on that or start making things up I guess lol.