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when my husband was sent overseas I was forced to move in with my father-in-law for economic reasons. As the months went by, we became very friendly and enjoyed each other's company.

One crazy night we sat around talking and wound up drinking rather heavily. We kissed and I have to say I was very horny at this point. What with the booze and everything I let him fondle me and I reached down to touch his hard ****. We went to his bed and I must say it was the best I've ever been ******. We continue to sleep together but I don't know what I'm going to do when my husband returns in 2 months. His father is so much better than him

. Do I continue to see him on the side?

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you lucjky girl. By all means keep both of them happy as well as yourself. What will it hurt?

I have to agree with risenphoenix. You do deserve your father-in-law, the bastard, but you don't deserve your husband. I hope he finds out, for his sake.

We all need the 'excitement' of doing things tantalizing and naughty at times. I think that you are a very sexual person and neeed more in your life. As long as you dont hurt your hubby and father-in-law through the process, I say go ahead and have your fun.

bgreg said it right. Your husband should come first and you have violated your husband's trust in the worst possible manner. I would hope that your husband finds out and leaves you and never speaks to his father again. <br />
I don't know which of you committed the worst violation of trust; you or your father-in-law. Both of you are equally guilty.<br />
<br />
I have been in the position of having an unfaithful wife and of even catching her in the act. My solution was divorcing her and in the divorce papers listing the cause and the offending party who ****** my wife. The offending party even offered to pay me if I wouldn't list him and I told him that he could go straight to H. I was even ready to go so far as having a hearing in front of a civil jury, because of the fact that he was a well known person in the town where it happened.<br />
<br />
The incident did cost him his marriage, though. So I suppose the retribution was justice served.<br />
<br />
I really feel sorry for you.