I have loved science fiction from my earliest memories to now as I approach the zenith of my life. Always reread HG Wells and Frank Herbert. Love the "Galactic Patrol" and "Space Cadets". Have seen all the Star Wars and Star Trek movies and more than once and have the collections now. Love the fan books too. I still read and or listen to podcast .sci- fi and watch all the sci fi I can get on TV. Love the Stargate shows all of them  and really miss Battlestar Galactica  and so many other good sci -fi shows.

I did write the Paradise Effect, which was published for a small print but was never succesfull. 

As for now, I sit and listen to my Ipod in a sexless marriage.

Waiting for the news from my neuro surgeon wondering why I bother. I also wish some aliens would come and take  Of course in the new life I would be young and handsome, intelligent and daring and ever so confidence inspiring.away to live out my life exploring and adventuring in the strars..

I know it is escapism, but when life sucks the thought of a bright future in a different dimension is very appealing. Wouldn't it be lovely to be young and handsome and dashing and daring.?




scifilover scifilover
56-60, M
Feb 27, 2010