Tell Me ;)

If you could do anything you could possibly imagine with me what would you do? **** me? Suck me? Lick my body? Undress me? Dress me? Rape me? Oh and did I tell you how wet you'll get me ;)
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5 Responses May 21, 2012

i'd tie you to your bed with legs and arms spread. i'd start gently licking you and stimulate you until you almost ******, but then i stop and walk away... after you've cooled down a bit I come back and start licking you again. but again i lick you until you are only seconds away from erupting then stop.... come back, stimulate, stop. I do this for about 10 hours and it drives you insane... then i finally let you *** and explode in an amazing ******... i give you a few minutes to recover. what do you think? do you return the favour?

More ?

Hi <br />
It all depends how your bare wet ***** feels right now , straining against your little knickers?... ***** lips ripe and flapping either side of your wet gusset now and ready for finger action. Ahh yes , pull those knickers up tort now, against your luv button....<br />
...your sweet juices flowing from your ****, just pull the panties aside, dip your fingers in, and then taste the 'nectar' by licking your fingers...<br />
... Before returning your fingers pleeeez let me lick your sweet ****, lapping up your special juices - soon your fingers and my tongue fighting to pleasure your ****.... Till you *** ;)

*** this way....

I will buy you some sexy lingerie. A silk robe, corset, thong, garter belt, stockings, all in your favorite color. We will get you all dolled up and **** in front of the mirror so you can see how sexy you are.

You are in Albuquerque right....I come to town often and stay at the Nativo Lodge. I would take you to my room, light some candles...pop open a nice bottle of champaigne....undress you slowly.. take you out on the balcony naked and make love to you...drop to my knees and suck you slowly