Dying To Know!

I would love to know what you want to do to me! Actually, I really am dying to know exactly what you want to do to me! Tell me, please! :)
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...would love 2 **** u up the arse with my niner as I look @ ur pretty face

I would love to come into your private space & rub & lick your sweetness to your hearts content & my mine you look so hot I would love to have the pleasure of pleasing you anyway you would like

I would politely say hello and then keep on walking.

My hands then ran down your spine pulling your soaked shirt tight against your body, then dragging my nails slowly, sending a shutter though you. I peeled your shirt up a little at a time revealing a little more clean fresh flesh, warming it with my mouth working you your side I follow your tattoo, again grazing the side curvature of your breast, and as soon as I reach the limits of your shirt pulled taught so that you can see your erect nipples sanding swollen against your shirt aching to be touched I reach one hand around your ***
lifting you and pinning you completely against the tree. You can now notice my rock hard erection held against you and as you begin to melt into me. I slide my other hand over your shoulder and run my fingers up your neck into your hair. Making a fist that firmly pulls your hair I solidly yank you back holding you still against your movement, teasing you for just another second....allowing you to ache, desire, to be touched, held, teased and suckled. To be filled and satiated. But not yet, You have to be in limbo to fully desire. I allow you to collapse into me, connecting, the warmth feels good. I lift you and you wrap your legs around my waist. I peel the front of your shirt
up and eagerly devour your left breast still avoiding your nipple while running you hands up and down your body, from your neck to your *** enjoying the feeling of skin on skin

I give you a smile and a nod as I lover you to the ground. You reach for my belt but I tell you not yet. I really want to do something. I help you peel off your visibly wet and musty smelling jeans and after stroking you a few times while standing I reach my arm through your legs and hoist you onto my shoulder and swing your other leg around to my other shoulder as you lean back against the tree, arching your back and rubbing your swollen lips against my mouth. I let you gyrate against my **** for a min and then reach up and grab your hips. With a broad and soft tongue I slowly lick your whole lips. Then Slowly begin to open your moist swollen lips with my tongue running up and down the inside each side of your lips just lightly grazing your ****.... You can barely stand it and you try to pull me onto your **** with you arms I push my head in deeper and roll it out and plunge my tongue deeply into you I use my tongue to lick wetness out of the inside of you and then I return to your ****. I put my thumb in you with the web of my thumb pressed firmly against your perineum I focus on your **** I have to hold you as you start rocking, I start to hear noises and tell you to let them out, we are in the woods I continue really pushing on your perineum as I work your **** I slide my other hand in and work two gingers inside of you rubbing the front wall with my thumb it feels like I am almost pulling you apart, but you cant concentrate on that because you are right on the edge...
It is hard because you keep straightening your legs and bucking when you realized you are in the air trying to not fall ..

What WOULDN'T I want to do with you? Mmmmmm...
I would start by stripping you naked and laying you down on the bed, and I would go to work on your *****, tonguing your **** and fingering your g-spot until you'd had several *******. Then I would flip you over so your *** is in the air, and spread your legs and your ***-cheeks so I could work on your anus with my tongue! Then I would slip on a condom, pull your hips up so you were on your knees, then slide my **** into your wet ***** and **** you like an animal! After bringing you to several more *******, I'd ask if you'd like to feel me in your ***. If you say "Yes", then I'd pull my **** from your ***** and press it slowly against your anus, gradually working it inside, until I feel your sphincter tighten around my ****. Then I would ease it in further, until I was all the way in, with my balls against your ****!! I would just hold in that position, letting you get used to the feel of my thick **** deep in your ***, until you begged me to **** your *** hard! Then I would happily oblige, pulling your gorgeous hips tightly to force my **** as deep inside you as it could go!! When you had had enough of that, I would pull out, put on a fresh condom, and have you mount me cowgirl style, so I could play with your lovely D-cups while you ground your **** against my pelvis with my **** deep inside you! Then, finally, you would dismount me, remove the condom, and suck my **** at a frenzied pace, until I shot a load of *** in your mouth, and before you'd had a chance to swallow, I'd pull you toward me and give you a French kiss, tasting my own *** in your mouth!
Sound like fun? Let's do it!!


I would have you blindfolded & tied to an armchair in the middle of a candlelight room wearing your highest stiletoes and finest lingerie. You can hear me walking around you making your senses alert and slightly nervous, as I stand behind you I grab your hair pulling your head to one side as I start to nibble your neck & shoulders my hands are firmly playing with your **** you start to moan and wriggle then you feel my warm breath through your sexy knickers. I pull them to one side and my tongue gently flicks your **** I pull your ***** lips apart as I run my tongue up and down the full length of your ***** until eventually its deep inside. My tounge gets faster and firmer making you squeal with excitement until I'm abusing your ***** with my tounge and fingers making you come for the 1st time.....would you like to know what I do next ;-) x

Of course I want to know what you would do next! XOXO

Please lay down ma'am on the table. loosen your blouse buttons and just unclip your bra but leave on. Ma'am. don't worry about the chill in the room, i have heated up the jasmine scented oil! first we'll start with a head massage around the temple, forehead and ears. I'm now going to move down to your neck and shoulders. I am pouring some warm oil on your shoulders, neck and upper chest and rubbing in deeply.
I spread the warm oil over your shoulders and start to massage your chest, you gasp for air and spread your arms inviting me to move farther down. the warm oil penetrates your breast plate as my hands edge away your bra exposing your two erect nipples. I pour more warm oil onto your breasts as you gasp again. I then cup your breasts with my hands catching the running oil down your ribs.. Sorry Ma'am, I will have to remove your blouse and bra so as not to get oil on them,, (hmm clumsy me..) from behind your head, I reach over and massage your breasts pulling them together bring the nipples high and erect. I wave my hot oiled hands across your nipple and then pass down onto your concaved belly touching your pubic hair and back again..... your breasts glitter with oil, your nipples hard and erect... ah sorry ma'am... lunch break... back in 30 minutes. My peanut butter sandwich is ready...

i would come slowly into your room quietly you would be lying still knowing reaching down i would run my hands up from your calves past your knees inside your soft thighs caressing slowly the sweet damp softness you would try not to move although you would part your thighs slightly inviting im fully erect now i pull your panties aside slipping my finger into your soft wetness moving slowly wetting your **** you moan knowing what you want you breathe deeply hotter now wanting more i want you so bad im pulsing

a long slow kiss, smelling your hair, take your top off and tongue your nipples till there hard. Id start rubbing my bulge on your hot mound. Taking down your panties id play with your ****, lifting my hand to my mouth to taste you. Sliding my fingers deep inside you while, kissing you passionatly. id slide down to take your ***** soft hard, loving your wetness. then I would put my **** on your ***** gently pushing deeper and deeper. I would slide in and out slowly and then deep thrusts. Pumping licking your ****, neck and lips. After you came id take my **** out and stand over you letting you take me deep. Until my load blew down your throat. Then id tongue you deep to taste our *** and start over.

i would like to come up behind you and kiss your shoulder while cupping your Brest in one hand and reaching round and rubbing your wet lips with other hand i would just use 2 fingers 1 each side of your lips and slowly rub before i bent you forward and entered you from behind still with me fingers rubbing until we both came together xx

its you thats sexy young lady xx

Super sexy

i could just eat you x

I ll just need to sit next to you and pull you close. Kissing you deeply,our tongues dancing together as my arm carressing all over your sexy body

Massage your sweet body n squeezing ur sexy ****.kissing you neck n whispering to your ear, "sweerie u are a sexy babe i have,i want you so badly.am going to make u feel nice n wonderful,"

Then slipping my hand under ur bra n pull ur **** out,squeezing it in ma hand,feel your nipple harden den i roll it between my thumb n fore finger, that time u are breathing heavily n moan in delight, that time i wld like u to feel my hard erected black **** through ma shorts,


Hmmmmm....i gotta imagine by now you know EXACTLY what i wanna to to you....with you......my hot sexy goddess ;)

Goddess?! That's a whole lot to live up to! Yikes!
You're too sweet! :)

You are every bit of it gorgeous.....effortlessly <3

You're so sweet! You make me feel sexy!