C'mon, Don't Hold Back.

Hey, I am quite new to EP and for some reason am having trouble getting like minded friends. Is it just me? How about it out there, let me know EXACTLY what you nonpoopsters would like to do to me. I am open to just about ANYTHING.
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2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

The short of it my dear is to open you like a gift and explore every square inch of your body and treat it as it is the amusement park that it is. And I will be in NO hurry ever! If you are one to wiggle a lot during the exploratory process you might want to pad your floor to cushion the the fall from wiggling off the bed. You WILL wiggle I am sure! Perhaps start with the mattress on the floor in the first place....Do you have any tea? ;-)

I love to give massages, so I would slowly undress you, then massage you all over, taking plenty of time. Then after a full massage, I would place my hand between your legs until you exploded in ******.