Craving Dirty Talk.

The following story is based on private messages that I've exchanged with one of my sexy EP friends. Enjoy!

Alex logged on to EP excited at the opportunity to arouse any of the gorgeous women on his friend's list. After checking out the activities of the buddies on his list, he clicked the mail icon. There was a message in his inbox from a sexy blonde woman he found himself growing very fond of.

based on her message to him. It seemed as if she was fan of his dirty talking. This caused him to grin in delight. Alex decided he would write her a reply that would get her so turned on she would have to grab a towel to clean up the pool of her sweet juices by the time she was done reading.

He typed:

I'm thrilled my post got your ***** moist. I'm kinda an overachiever and I usually aim to make women *** but moist is a good start. I'm an agent of arousal. I love to give. I'm not so much a fan of teasing because I love the see/feel/hear woman ******. I wish I had time to write in details my two favorites ways to get a woman off but for now I'll bullet point them. 1- I love when a girl's back is facing me and I'm practically hugging her, while my fingers are working inside of her because when she **** I can feel her whole body pulse and it's sexy to move with her while she **** on my fingers. 2- I love when a woman **** while I'm licking her *****. I love to taste every last drop.

I'm happy I made you moist but I want to do more than that. I wanna be your agent of arousal. I want my name alone, to do what your body does to me. Seeing your sexy country self makes me wanna grab the closest, sluttiest, horny white girl I can find and **** her until she can't handle any more pounding. So I hope over time you see my name and feel the urge to pleasure yourself to the point of ****** because of all the lusty-naughty thoughts you associate with my name.

Let me light your fire babe. I'm sure I'll be good for you and your husband's sex life. Come to me and I'll push all the right buttons. You might never need to use lubricant again because after a short conversation with your "agent" you'll be ready to ride.

I won't lie, if I ever did see you I would be one of those flustered men. You and your curves are stunning, and anything that lays eyes on your should stop in their tracks to admire such a beautiful sight. Though, once my thoughts returned to my head, I'd let my instincts over. I'd ravish you. I'd wear you out, probably a hard feat to accomplish because you look like you could ride a **** forever, but when I'm determined I don't stop. I'm a machine. I was built to give and keep giving until I'm in pain from giving, and even then I get creative and find a way to give some more. (Toys can be very helpful).

So you see, my name - dtalker0969 isn't just any name. It's almost a lifestyle. I life to talk dirty. I tell you all the naughty things you want to hear. To my surprise a few have even given me their number so I can whisper sex in their ears. My words become my penis and I penetrate those women, and I do it well because I'm usually rewarded with the sounds of heavy breathing and moaning on the other end.

So please keep thinking of black **** pushing into you. Let me bold and say, think of my black **** pushing into you, think about it all the time. Desire my black ****. Dream about my black ****, when you ****, pretend you're ******* on my black ****. Crave it.

And maybe, just maybe you can have my black ****. Until then know that it's here waiting for you. Yearning to have you ride it. If you ever felt incomplete, my **** and I would love to complete you, and make you feel like a whole woman.

So please do go and find your hubby again. Tell him I said, "you're welcome" because I'm sure your on fire, (unless you came) ;) and allow yourself to be seduced by me because I'm the gift that keeps on giving.

Alex quickly revised his reply. He felt somewhat satisfied. Although that satisfaction wouldn't be complete until he knew for sure that his country girl had came, or was super aroused by his words.
dtalker0969 dtalker0969
22-25, M
Sep 10, 2012