Would You Like Another?

Author's note: I wrote this for one of my sexy EP friends a while ago and I figured if she liked it maybe it might arouse some of the other ladies on here looking for a good read. I hope you all enjoy it.

I don't know about you but I love EP because I can practically feel the arousal of members on here and because I love to give pleasure, it's exciting for me to help get women off. Or seduce them slowly to the point they don't realize they've been touching themselves until they're near ******.

I hope you consider adding me because I'm pretty sure I can tell you all the naughty things you want to hear. Even though you may be the one sliding your hand up under your dress or night gown and rubbing your already moist ***** through your thong, you'll read my words and if you close your eyes for a moment your hand will start to feel like my hand.

As you start to moan softly and breathe a bit heavier, picture me moaning softly with you on my end thinking about how good that moisture would feel against my throbbing hard ****.

When you get so riled up and hot that you slip your dress over your shoulders and let it fall down to pool at your feet, you'll dream about me helping you out. You'll shiver as you feel my cool breath on your skin. Your heart will race as I slowly remove your bra. Your breasts with ache for attention as spill out of their prison.

You'll love the way I tease your nipples. You'll beg for me to rub and pinch them until they're hard. Your toes will curl as you feel my warm hands slowly massaging your back. Then they will move up to your shoulders, and down to your chest, releasing any tension you might have felt.

I slowly caress your body. I take my time to kiss all the delicate spots. I use the tip of my tongue to trace around your naval, and then give you soft pecks that travel up to the space between your breasts while staring into your eyes lustfully. You'll love the moans that escape your mouth as I claw gently up and down your thighs. Your ***** will continue to dampen as you feel my body heat against yours. My chest is pressed against your soft skin, and I am slowly slipping my fingers beneath your thong. My hand pressed against your soft ***** lips, and your hand is on top of mine. Using the tips of my fingers I slowly rub your outer ***** lips. Then I trace around the labia, so that you grow even warmer and wetter with anticipation.

How loud will you be moaning after I trace circles over your ****? Because if you're the submissive type and I think you are, you'll be moaning, "Yes master, please, please, please slide a finger in me!" But it will be just one finger because I know how tight your ***** is. It's so tight that it would hurt to have my big black **** inside of you. So we'd need to start slow.

We'd need to make sure we slowly stretch that ***** until you could take even last inch of my hard chocolate ****. I know how much you'd enjoy that process. Your **** throbs at the idea of me slowly sliding my **** into you. You get high off the feeling of your ***** lips grabbing on to my **** and slowly pulling it inside of your soft warm velvet-like *****. Your lips would get a little bit tighter as my **** would disappear into your hole inch by inch. Until you were ready I’d explore you tight hole with my one finger and make sure to make your ***** lips swell. I love to watch you buck and twist with pleasure.

After watching you bend to my touch, I would concentrate on your g-spot and then we'd really go to town because within a few moments not only would you be ******* but, you'd be squirting your delicious juices everywhere, and I would be licking the juices off my fingers, telling you how you taste so good.

I definitely wouldn't stop there because I know how bad you'd want your slit to be licked and there's nothing more I enjoy than a tasty wet *****. I bet you'd be begging for yours to be licked, sucked, nibbled and ******! All you'd hear is the sound of me saying, "Mmm" as I go to work on you. I'd stick my tongue into your my tight pink hole, and gently tease your throbbing **** with the tip of my tongue. Then I'd slowly lick you harder and faster and in rhythm to let your sweet honey juices build up again. I'd want you to squirt for me so bad. After seeing your ***** lips swell once again I'd start to finger your ***** just to see you squirm and hear you moan and beg for more.

I'd stare seductively into your eyes and ask you "are you ready to squirt for me baby?" I'd focus on your g-spot again, making a come here motion with my fingers. My fingertips would graze up against your g-spot, slowly at first. Then I'd pick up the speed and watch your ***** lips get fat, and hear your moans get louder, and feel your whole body tense up and quiver until you released your sweet juices every where once again. I'd lap up all your sweet juices with my tongue. Then I'd wait for you to catch your breath and ask, "Would you like another?"
dtalker0969 dtalker0969
22-25, M
Sep 12, 2012