You Promised

I hate broken promises. he was gone at a race, camping with his boys, and he texted me that he wished I was there because he was horny. my plan had worked on him. the last time he saw me I was in an incredibly sexy dress and heels and was handing him freshly baked brownies for his trip.(little bugger still has my's been a month : P) he only saw me for 15 mins on his way out of town, but that image of me stayed in his head.

As we texted, I asked him what would he want to do if I were there with him. he said it was too long to text and that he'd email me. he asked for my email address and everything. I waited. it never came. even after he got back it never showed up.

Two nights ago we were texting again (now I live in the next state) and I was playing at dom (though I normally sub with him) and I called him out on it. he said it was too graphic to send to me. but, really, I just wished he had. just like he promised. because even though it's out of his desire to protect me that he didn't send it, I really wanted to hear all of those things from him.
behindclosedoors behindclosedoors
22-25, F
Sep 14, 2012